Establishing inclusion and diversity in the workplace

Establishing Diversity

In any situation in life individuals need to feel that they can be themselves. At work this is essential in order to get employees to engage fully into a team. In an effectively closed environment where a worker may fear reprisals if certain personal information is revealed it will impact negatively on their involvement and…

The benefits of call recording to any business

Call Recording

We’ve talked rather extensively about the specific benefits of call logging and recording software in a variety of settings, including the hotel industry, marketing and advertising, and the health service, but are you aware of the general benefits of such programmes? There’s a good chance that you’ve heard all about call recording software before, but…

How to help employees to develop and change

call recording and call logging

Helping employees develop skills and change attitudes is an important part of any business. But, it can be a challenging process at best. To achieve the best results requires leadership and management but can be an ultimately rewarding experience when successful. The key to changing and developing employees is determined directly by the ability of…

The importance of itemised billing for hotels and business centres


Hotels & Business centres: Are you taking advantage of Call Logging and Call Recording software? During the course of this blog we’d like to introduce you to a benefit of call logging that you may not have considered, yet it has an important part to play when it comes to cost analysis and working out…

How training can maximise your performance and aid productivity

How training can maximise your performance and aid productivity

Revenue and productivity are key determiners for any business and if either shows signs of falling, urgent measures are needed to reverse the slide. Offering training to employees whether simply consolidating existing knowledge or broadening horizons through new disciplines, can serve to empower and engage, in turn revitalising performance and aid productivity within the organisation….

How will a leaderboard help me to keep track of important information?


Now, we’ve talked a little about the purpose of the leaderboard, and how they can be useful for tracking progress and productivity, and increasing motivation in an office environment, but we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the ways in which each leaderboard can be adapted for your business’s individual needs; trust us…

Clean desk policy: How this simple policy can aid your productivity

Clean desk

What exactly is a clean desk policy? A clean desk policy is where employees are directed keep desk spaces clear and tidy at all times. But rather than simply making the office look good it also makes it easier to place specific emphasis on the management and protection of sensitive information. For some a clean desk…

Things to know about data erasure on mobile devices

Mobile devices

Mobile devices For workers across any number of sectors, tablets are replacing their computer, laptop or other devices as their primary mobile work device. For workplace Data Security Managers and IT Asset Managers, keeping an eye on all of these mobile devices whilst making sure that they remain both fit for purpose and secure can…

Improve productivity in the workplace: 3 simple steps

call logging and call recording equipment

Easy fixes to improve productivity and efficiency We’ve spoken quite extensively about how call logging and call recording software can improve productivity and efficiency within the workplace, but have you ever wondered what else you could be doing to move things along? Our software may be pretty nifty, but it’s not going to clear in-trays,…