A Workable Call Centre Policy for Smartphone Use

A Workable Call Centre Policy for Smartphone Use

Smartphones and Smartphone use is everywhere. Whether you are in the office or doing groceries, you carry your smartphone wherever you go. The temptation to scroll the social media feed every once in a while is now a hard-to-break habit of many—the sales and call centre agents included. Excessive use of personal phones in call centre not only impact the efficiency and productivity of the agent, but it also creates a huge distraction from work.

Where security issues are a pressing concern of every call centre, the risk of cellphone use during the call is much more damaging than any other threat. To address the issue, either you could do nothing about it, or you could put a complete ban on cellphone use. Both of these approaches will result in a loss of efficiency and workforce. Cellphones are an undeniable reality of this modern digital world and need to be tackled with moderate yet effective policies. So, here’s what you can do to constitute a cell phone policy in your call centre:

  • Set realistic restrictions:

Based on the structure of your call centre, make sure to put a granular limitation on cellphone use. For instance, allow usage of devices when agents are handling email interaction as opposed to calling interactions. Define the type of phone usage that is allowed in your call centre and the frequency of use. Place cameras on the right places to monitor the working status of each employee.

  • Establish cellphone use protocols:

If you are implementing the policy for Smartphone use, let them know when and where it should be stored. Make sure to let the employees know whether it should be turned or silenced, and on which occasions is it fine to keep the sounds on? However, it is preferred to allow for personal calls. Make sure to define certain guidelines for such calls, including how long and where such calls take place.

  • Set the consequences:

Where trust and respect ensure you with employee loyalty and increased retention, accountability for violation of policies is a great way to uphold the company’s values and ideals. Take considerable disciplinary actions against breach of cell phone policy. Structure the level of penalties in three stages:  

  1. Start by sending a warning letter on the first violation.
  2. The second violation qualifies for a temporary ban on cell phone use.
  3. Repeated offenders merit a complete and strict ban on cell phone use or, in the worst case, termination.
  • Rule enforcement:

Usually, the manager walks the floor to monitor each employee. This type of careful observance not only reduces the excessive use of cell phones, but it also helps the employees to be more watchful of their doings and actions. However, make sure that you don’t hurt or offend any employee while monitoring the floor. Set equal standards and consequences for each employee to remove employee resentment. Make sure every team member is held accountable for similar terms and rules.

Just like any other policy, make sure that your cell phone policy is well-written, understandable, and easily accessible to your employees. Integrate these newly formed terms and conditions in every activity, training, and procedure for effective implementation.

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