Out of Office Message Humour – Call Logging and Recording Systems

Out of Office Message Humour

Just a little humour to break up the business day I have just sent an email to a customer and received an Out of Office Message from them, nothing strange there it is end of July after all…. Most OOO replies are business-like and straight to the point, but this one is different and it…

Call Recording for BT Versatility with added DDI bonus – Call Logging

We have just installed an 8 channel ISDN2 call recorder onto a BT Versatility phone system and whilst demonstrating it to the customer we realised that the SMDR output from the Versatility doesn’t provide the DDI number, but the call recording hardware did collect the DDI number from the ISDN line 🙂 So we modified…

KPI’s: How Do I Measure Performance Using My Phone System


How do I measure staff KPI’s using my phone system The wish to measure KPI’s in nothing new, business owners and managers always want to know how many widgets they have sold today, this week/month/year or how much they have invoiced and gross profit etc in a given time period. Can they afford a new…

ISDN30 Call Recording System for BCM 50

Today we shipped another ISDN30 Call Recording System to South Shields in the North East of England. It will be connected to a Nortel BCM 50 to provide the company with Call Recordings and Leaderboard functionality for their Customer Services department.