Out of Office Message Humour

Out of Office Message Humour – Call Logging and Recording Systems

Just a little humour to break up the business day

I have just sent an email to a customer and received an Out of Office Message from them, nothing strange there it is end of July after all….

Most OOO replies are business-like and straight to the point, but this one is different and it made me chuckle and because of that I want to share it, names removed to protect the innocent/guilty….


Out of Office Message Humour:
I’m currently away researching the effects of sun, daiquiris, spa treatments and sheer laziness on the human body, which means I’m not able to reply to you right now.

Thankfully, the wonderful — name/email removed – has everything covered and under control, so please feel free to forward your message onto them. Otherwise, I’ll be picking things back up on 4th August.

I can’t wait to share my findings with you.

– Name Removed –

Also whilst they are away our Telestat software will be Logging and Recording calls so nothing is missed

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