On-Site Call Logger and Call Recorder

Why you should use an On-Site Call Recorder/Logger instead of moving to VoIP Recording in the Cloud?

Recently, it feels like businesses are being pressured into moving to VoIP and the Cloud at an ever increasing rate. Like everything in life, this will come with some benefits but also some drawbacks. What if the benefits just don’t suit your business or the way you do that business? Hopefully we can outline why it is perfectly acceptable to stay with the tried and tested, bulletproof solution that is our on-site Telestat Call Logger and Call Recorder.


Firstly, all our costs (except for the optional annual maintenance and support option) are one-time upfront costs with no monthly fees. Once it’s paid for, it is then done so you don’t get overcharged down the line when these costs easily get forgotten. It’s no secret that these business models are built on being less pain over a month but a lot more expensive over a lifetime. I recently paid off my mobile phone portion of my £42 a month mobile phone contract. Did it automatically reduce to £10 as it should have for the following months? Of course not! It was a manual process to sort it out.

Integrate with existing infrastructure

On the back of the above point. With everything being on-site and managed in-house, you can build in the internal maintenance costs and overheads into your existing hardware and staff. The software and hardware (if needed) could be installed onto an existing server which is already managed. You are then also not at risk of failures/outages from other outside companies.

Security of Information

This is especially true for some types of companies where security and trust are of upmost importance like Medical Practices and Financial Institutions. They have to be very locked down on a physical level and also a connectivity level. Call Loggers and Call Recorders are often locked away in rooms with very limited, controlled access with little to no outside connectivity. Perfect for a Telestat Call Logger and Phone Call Recorder. It is also PCI Compliant.

You may be limited by your local phone connectivity or have a niche setup that cannot be moved to a VoIP Cloud based solution. We cover all types of telecommunications infrastructure. Analogue, ISDN, ISDN2, ISDN30, T1 and SIP and this can be scaled from just a single line to 60+. If you are limited on connectivity speeds it is going to be impossible to get good call quality and to copy recordings unless everything is located on-site.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Change is not always for the better. You already have a perfectly good and reliable system then adding a comparatively low cost Call Logging and Call Recording solution to it is definitely the way to go. If your phone system is easy to use and your staff are comfortable using it, why change it for the unknown? If you have already paid it off or are nearing the end of your contract then make use of the “gravy period” for as long as you can. You might also have just started a lengthy contract and then need to add Call Logging and Recording.


As well as on-site Call Logging and Call Recording We also offer hosted VoIP services which can record calls and host them in the cloud. We also offer SIP Trunks which you could connect to your existing phone system. You can then use Cloud VoIP together with your own tried and trusted phone system. All of these services work seamlessly together with the on-site Telestat Call Logger/Recorder


If it sounds like our On-Site Telestat Call Logger and Call Recorder would be a good fit for your business, please give us a call on 03330022440 or email sales@lanonyx.com to discuss. We also offer a completely free trial.

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