4 Noticeable Pros and Cons of Using our Telestat Call Logging Software

4 Noticeable Pros and Cons of Using our Telestat Call Logging Software

Call logging systems have become an essential asset for almost every other industry. No matter whether you own a Call Centre or a Law Firm, call logging software is a useful tool.

In order to broaden your knowledge, some pros and cons of using our Telestat call logging software in an organisation have been communicated below.

  • It Can Help You Observe Whether the Marketing Campaign Is Working

It may happen that an organisation runs multiple business campaigns, and with the help of the call logging software, they will be able to track down which campaign is working fine and which needs improvement. Our call logging software enables you to trail the response of the customers on a particular marketing campaign so that you can further make plans according to the situation of the current campaigns.

  • It Helps You to Save Money

It is obvious to every business pioneer that promoting campaigns cost a lot of money. After investing a massive amount in marketing campaigns, you might want to track results to learn whether the marketing campaigns are working successfully or not. With the help of our Telestat call logging software, you can easily see where your calls are coming from and if the marketing efforts have worked by converting the potential customers into clients.

  • Several Phone Numbers Can Cause Complication

Making sure that your individual numbers are working as intended can be hugely important. We have had many cases where the phone system has been incorrectly configured and the calls are routed badly or certain DDI numbers are not getting the publicity they were intended for. Our Telestat call logging software can help you identify these problems quickly.

  • Solves Human Error

It is common for errors to be made when taking details on the phone, after all, you are distracted talking to the person on the other end at the same time. With our Telestat call logging software you can easily find the caller’s information and you can listen back to the call with our Call Recording addon.

To sum it up!

By having a look at the information that has been discussed above, you may be able to decide whether it is beneficial for you to get our call logging software.

Please download our free trial, give us a call on 03330022440 or email sales@lanonyx.com. We are happy to help and speak to you.

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