This is Halloween: How call logging and recording software can scare away your office nightmares


Halloween; a time of year when it’s alright to scare your co-workers silly, socially acceptable to dress up as the most repulsive character you can think of, and positively encouraged to eat your body weight in sugary treats. While the nightmares associated with this time of year are usually constructed by the media, and tend…

Manufacturer? You need call recording software for your business!


The top reasons why a manufacturer should be using call recording software As a manufacturer, feedback is critical information that you need in your business. However good your product is problems always occur; items break, become obsolete, need maintenance or may be defective. When this happens you need to know about it as soon as…

location: Why it’s important for a call centre to make the right decision!

Why its important for a call centre to make the right decision

Location, location, location! We’re lead to believe that in terms of a property, these are the three most important pieces of criteria! But, is the same thing true in regard of your call centre? Is location really that important? Perception against fact Look across research carried out about call centre experiences and it would appear…

Voicemail: Is it right for your business?…and how call logging might help.

You might think that voicemail offers the perfect solution to accessing your customers’ needs around the clock. It certainly offers a workable solution, but is it the right one? The true cost of voicemail Ideally, as a business, you want your door to be always open to customers, particularly if your marketplace goes beyond the…

The Importance of Customer Relations Management

Customer relations

Customer relations: The key to business success You can’t imagine anyone doubting the importance of good customer relations. But, if it’s an area that you’ve identified as requiring improvement or development it’s important to ensure you get it right. For different businesses customer relations can mean subtly different things, but there’s no underestimating the need…

Network security: Keeping your business safe from an ex-employee

Network security Keeping your business safe from an ex-employee

Network security and your employees Ensuring that an ex-employee no longer has access to your network when he or she leaves your employment is critical for security. That may seem like an obvious statement to make but it’s amazing to note how many businesses fail to effectively manage continuing network access for a former worker….

Unsure about an investment in Call Recording software?

How to solve call quality issues using call recording

Why Call recording is a sound investment for your business For any business you want to see a return on any investment you make. If you identify a piece of software that you think might improve your business you need to be sure that the investment you make will have significant benefits. It’s no different…

Can sitting down at work all day stifle productivity?

Can sitting down at work all day stifle productivity

If you spend much of your working day sitting down, could you actually be leaving yourself open to health issues? From a business point of view might working for part of the day help to increase productivity? Many companies now are encouraging workers to spend more time standing rather than simply sitting down all day….