Inbound Call Strategy 101 What does it take to be effective

Call strategy 101: what does it take to form an effective inbound call strategy?

Make sure your Inbound Call Strategy is in place and working well for your business. Whenever a customer faces issues, he needs an immediate solution. When it comes to phone communications, inbound calls are rudimental to customer support and service. Once the inbound call is put through, everything should be seamless to the customer and easy for the employee.

To make sure that your inbound calling process is effective here’s what you can do:  

· Voice channel reservation:

Phone calls cost a lot to the business, not only in terms of the actual call but also in terms of labour. Make sure to tailor the phone communication channels as per your individual customer. Strategise your call in a way that it not only benefits the customers but is also profitable for the business as well. Optimise your phone calls using our Telestat Call Logging Software to find out if the phone system is configured correctly and the right marketing is hitting your business in the way you want it to.

· Stand tall on your promise of 24/7 availability:  

The first rule of inbound calls, “your voicemail should stay empty.’ A rule of thumb to follow is to make sure that a relevant representative is always present on the other end of the call. Use our reports to monitor peaks in your inbound calls and make sure you have the staffing to accommodate this.

· Tracking and analysis of calls:

The ability to report on different numbers, DDIs, customers, unanswered calls, mobile calls and much more. Work our your clientele and customise your business around it.

· Utilise previous customer data:

Knowing how to keep a particular client satisfied is what makes a great salesperson. The ability to listen to previous calls using our Telestat Call Recording addon helps your staff stay one step ahead.

Enforce a highly effective inbound strategy to gain a competitive advantage over potential competitors.

If you feel like our Telestat Call Logging and Recording Software is something that can help your business. Please download a free trial, email or give us a call on 03330022440. We are here and ready to help.

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