Remote Employee Phone Monitoring

5 Benefits of Remote Employee Phone Monitoring

Managing and handling remote employees could be daunting for most managers as they have to ensure that the team is working on full potential and efficiency. Lack of remote employee phone monitoring leaves the managers to do a lot of guesswork about the activity and performance of the employees. Fortunately, there are multitudes of software and online tools available to monitor and manage the activity of remote employees. Remote monitoring not only helps in improved revenue generation; it also lets your IT team stay updated with technical faults and issues and use automation to fix them. Here are five major benefits of deploying remote employee monitoring network:

1.      Restricted and reduced downtime:

Downtime is the major contributor to decreasing revenue generation. Even a minute of downtime could be catastrophic for your business operations. It not only leads to loss of business earnings and returns; rather, it also leaves a bad impression on your customers and trusted clients. Increased downtime is directly related to decreased productivity and demotivation in employees.

With our Telestat 7 Call Logging Software, you can monitor the phone activity of your remote/home workers to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. This can be done in real time with the Leaderboard or through legacy scheduled reporting.

2.      Improved security:

With an increase in cyber threats and security breaches, a business must take active initiatives to counter such risks. A security breach could damage both the business data and reputation. With automated monitoring of systems, threats can be detected, analysed and resolved much quickly and effectively. It not only reduces the need for human intervention, but it also notifies the related party about the threat.

3.      The decreased total cost of ownership:

From the initial investment to the cost of overall maintenance of hardware and software, recruitment campaigns, employee training and retention, all these expenses impact the bottom-line of the company. Where deployment of automated remote monitoring system might be costly, but the added value of remote monitoring helps in reducing the overall cost of ownership. It also enables the employees to work at a predictable rate on the network and system.

4.      Restructured and improved maintenance:

Monitoring and maintenance of all the systems and networks are of crucial significance. Updating all the programs and software packages helps in improving the health of the network and system. Proper maintenance leads to the smooth running of business operation and activities. Remote monitoring helps in regulation and analysis of the status of technological resources which ensures adequate handling of the issues and immediate resolution.

5.      Boosted productivity:

A Remote Employee Phone Monitoring system benefits you with increased internal productivity and reduced downtime. It also allows the employees to perform their tasks and responsibilities without any interruptions and technical faults. Automating workflows enable skilled personnel to focus and gain skills in other areas of expertise. Irrespective of the location, the system provides continual monitoring of staff and employees, which enables you to improve your service levels and expand your business.

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