How can I see what calls we’re missing, and where?

How can I see what calls we’re missing, and where?

Missed calls can mean missed opportunities, missed sales leads and missed profit. Whether the caller was ringing to ask a query, make a payment, express a complaint or apply for a job their time should matter to you – and it does matter to you. So, why are you still allowing missed calls to dictate the rise and fall of your business?

The quick and easy answer is that you’re not going to anymore. Our call logging software can help your business to…

Keep track of all missed calls

It can be frustrating enough to know you’re missing calls, but imagine if you had no idea just how many you were losing during any given period. The people trying to reach you could be customers, colleagues, suppliers or investors, and their time matters to you. Don’t allow your phone lines to work against you. Our call logging software will retain the details of every single call that’s made to your premises, whether you answer it or not. This means you’ll have instant access to every piece of usable data imaginable, and can begin to piece your lost call puzzle together.

Monitor your busiest times

The chances are you’re missing calls for a good reason. Perhaps you’ve too many calls coming in, and too few representatives to answer them. After all, there aren’t many businesses that would ignore potential custom, or an update from a supplier on a whim. So, when are your lines at their busiest? Is it during a time when you’re understaffed, or without leadership? The answer could be as simple as making more operatives available, expanding your sales floor, or employing someone to handle the influx of calls. Our call logging software will highlight when you’re at your busiest, and enable you to remedy the issue with as little cost as possible.

Pinpoint an issue with a particular department or staff member

Our call logging software won’t just tell you when your calls are being missed, but also by whom; you’ll be able to see which lines lost the most calls, and identify potential issues between departments and individuals. If you’re missing calls due to an employee’s reluctance to answer them your business could be missing out unnecessarily. Our software can help you to broach difficult subjects and get answers without having to rely on hearsay.

Return any calls that you’ve missed

Understanding how, where and why you’re missing calls will undoubtedly help your business. However, you’ve only won half of the battle. What happens next? With call logging and monitoring software you will have access to all of the information you need, including a return telephone number, a time and date of call, and the length of time each person has waited to speak to you. You could make urgent calls your priority, or work through your list at your own pace; whatever works for your business. We do know that reaching out can often clinch that deal, so never be afraid to return your missed calls. They must have wanted to speak to you to ring in the first place…

Missed calls are the scourge of businesses everywhere, but they needn’t put a dampener on your mood – or your profits. Our call logging software is quick and easy to install, and could tell you immediately where you’re losing out. Please give us a call to discuss how we can best help you. We promise to answer the phone!


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