Phone Misuse - Stop it easily!

Phone Misuse. On their trail: Using Telestat 7 Call Logging and Recording software to stamp out phone misuse in your business

Finding out that an employee has been misusing company assets can come as a massive blow. Indeed, who wants to imagine that their own team members ever could, or would take advantage of technology reserved for business use? It may sound innocent enough, but asset misuse has the potential to devastate businesses, chipping away at time, trust, productivity and resources while threatening a company’s integrity and reputation. In extreme cases this kind of behaviour can endanger other employees and, if left unnoticed, cost businesses huge sums of money. Whether it’s abusing software or ignoring permissive use policy, these things can, and do happen.

We can’t promise to help with all cases of asset misuse, but we know a thing or two about phone lines – and the kinds of things that can go on when people think nobody is watching. Whether they’re using company phone lines to make purchases, keep up with friends or something wholly more frowned upon, these employees may view their behaviour as harmless. After all, who’s likely to notice one or two local calls, or an international conversation every once in a while? However, these misdemeanors soon add up. Call misuse, for example, can cost companies untold amounts of money, diverting budgets away from vital communications made for legitimate business use – not to mention distracting employees’ attention, cutting their productivity, and raising concerns about other aspects of their work ethic. A phone call here and there could well be indicative of other areas where permissive use policy is being eschewed…

So, what can companies do about it?

The simple answer would be to install phone logging and recording software. Far from spying on unsuspecting employees this kind of kit can ensure that best practices are being maintained, while fulfilling all manner of other benefits we’ve highlighted elsewhere on our blog. For example, call recording software can maintain compliance and capture important data, as well as ensuring phone lines are reserved for business use only. Simply knowing that all incoming and outbound calls are recorded could be enough to deter anyone considering misusing the telephone system. Every recording is stored securely; should you suspect misuse you’ll have all the evidence you need at your fingertips, stored safely to protect your employees’ rights and privacy from external parties.

Call logging serves a similar function, providing reports based upon call times, locations and cost. You’ll be able to pinpoint where calls have been made from or received by, as well as identifying how long those calls lasted and how much they’ll have cost. Perhaps you don’t mind employees using the phones for personal use. Our call logging software can ensure this privilege isn’t taken advantage of, and keep a track of how much, if anything, you’re overspending on phone calls. Discrepancies can be identified and accounted for, and errant members of staff can be reminded of company policy. Simple to use and easy to access, our software could be just what you need to get on top of asset misuse.

If you’d like to learn more about monitoring phone usage and safeguarding your business’s best interests then please do give us a call or drop us an email. We’d be happy to chat about any concerns you might have. Here at Lanonyx we have every confidence in our software; allow us to walk you through how it works.

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