PCI Compliance and Call Recording

PCI Compliance and Call Recording. Pausing and Resuming: Is your business PCI Compliant?

Pausing and resuming call recording: Is your business PCI compliant?

If you’ve been browsing our blog posts for any length of time you’ll know, by now, the importance of recording your incoming and outgoing telephone calls. Data capture, clarity, dispute resolution and peace of mind are all of great value to business of very size, and can be achieved via call recording. However, what happens when the need to remain PCI compliant is apparently at odds with your ability to uphold the integrity of your call recordings? Is it possible to record calls and remain PCI compliant, even when customers are parting with card and account details?

Our pause and resume function would certainly say so!

Why do we have to remain compliant?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, is a regulatory standard tasked with ensuring that all businesses follow the same strict guidelines. If you handle customers’ credit, debit or account information then you MUST ensure your company operates within the realms of compliance. The standard is mandated by major credit card brands and schemes, and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. It is regulated with quarterly or annual checks, during which a Report on Compliance is produced. In order to uphold the standard businesses must be able to prove they’re maintaining a secure network, protecting cardholder data, implementing stringent security measures and keeping on top of an information security policy. PCI non-compliance can result in a hefty fine, and so it is vital that your organisation does all it can to protect customer date – and its best interests.

If your business routinely records calls you MUST ensure you’re able to remain compliant, and not hold on to any data that could render customers’ account vulnerable to attack.

How can Lanonyx help?

Telestat 7’s call recording software will capture and save all telephone calls that your business handles without compromising customers’ security. It features a pause/resume function, which allows you to suspend the recording of any call at any point. This means that calls are recorded up until a customer comes to hand over secure data, such as credit card details or account iinformation, and then paused. Following the receipt of these details recording will recommence. You now have the information you may need as evidence, without breaking the PCI’s codes of conduct.

You may also wish to use the pause/resume function should callers need to be transferred between agents at any time. This ensures that recordings are short and sweet, rather than featuring long bouts of silence. Each agent is able to manually record and pause phone calls, so that recordings are an appropriate length for storage or sending on. The pause/resume feature is such a simple one, and yet it holds huge benefits for companies of every kind. 

It is important for staff members to know know when to pause call recording, for fear of missing out on crucial information. However, we’d be very happy to chat to you about how our software is best operated.

If you have any queries regarding our software and how it can assist your company please do contact us. Any of our team members will be happy to discuss your software requirements, and your need to remain compliant, with you.

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