Call Recording

The benefits of call recording to any business

We’ve talked rather extensively about the specific benefits of call logging and recording software in a variety of settings, including the hotel industry, marketing and advertising, and the health service, but are you aware of the general benefits of such programmes? There’s a good chance that you’ve heard all about call recording software before, but you may not know how it could help your business, or be aware of its many uses. Allow us to enlighten, and hopefully, educate you – we’ll be on hand right away to answer any queries you may have.

Cut costs

You may be wondering how call recording software can cut costs, but you’d be surprised. How many of your employees currently use your telephone system in order to make and receive personal calls? How many unnecessary calls are made and fielded each month? Call recording software will enable you to monitor all communication in and out of your office, reduce the number of personal calls, and block nuisance callers; nothing deters the misuse of a company phone line quite like being able to record your calls.

Supported training

This is where that age-old phrase, ‘calls will be recorded for training purposes’ comes in; call recording software can be used to monitor the conversations of staff as they train, as well as providing an insight into the types of call you’re expecting to hear from new starters. Simply record, log, and play calls of exceptional quality so that new employees are set a good example. Similarly, calls of a substandard quality can also be used during training – think of such recordings as a ‘how not to’ guide.

Monitor staff performance and compliance

The life of an office manager, or business owner, is never a dull one, and it’s up to you to ensure that staff members are observing codes of conduct during each call, as well as using set phrases and remaining compliant at all times. As you can’t be everywhere all at once, call recording is a great way to make sure that employees are doing everything by the book; the mere mention of recording is often enough to guarantee compliance, but being able to pick any number of calls at random intervals will ensure your office is ticking over nicely.

Improved customer service

Call recording software will provide you with a far greater understanding of your company’s performance, as well as its ability to serve customers in an efficient manner; until you’re able to listen to calls in detail you could be under the mistaken impression that all is well. Call recording software will give you access to every call that is made and received on any given day, and allow you to see how your team members are performing. Are any customers voicing concerns during calls? Is there anything that they’re not being offered? It’s impossible to make improvements unless you know what is and isn’t working – be sure to record your calls and find out.

Resolve, or avoid, disputes

When it comes to business there can be an awful lot of ‘he said, she said’, leading to disputes that take hundreds of man-hours to resolve. Imagine, then, how simple it would be to determine blame if you had all the evidence you needed with the push of a button; call recording can provide such a solution, ensuring that customers and employees are treated fairly. In addition, since you must announce that calls are being recorded at the start of every phone call customers who may otherwise have used a barrage of excuses to escape payment, other consequences, are deterred from doing so.

Record of transactions

Working in a busy call centre or office environment can be tricky; very quickly the details of transactions can escape an employee’s mind, and then vanish before they have a chance to log them. With call recording you’ll have a reliable way to retrieve any transaction details that you need, as well as keeping a track of everything that’s going on. Simply put, call recording can make your office more reliable and efficient, and support your team members in their daily duties.

If you’d like to learn more please do get in contact; we’re waiting to answer your queries via telephone or email.

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