The importance of itemised billing for hotels and business centres

Hotels & Business centres: Are you taking advantage of Call Logging and Call Recording software?

During the course of this blog we’d like to introduce you to a benefit of call logging that you may not have considered, yet it has an important part to play when it comes to cost analysis and working out who owes what. We’re talking, of course, about itemised billing; once the scourge of teenagers attempting to get away with costly calls to their friends, itemised billing is now integral to businesses up and down the country, particularly to those such as hotels and centres renting office space – essentially any business that may operate and share numerous telephone lines. Telephone calls can be expensive, especially when they’re being made abroad or in great quantities; how can you ensure that everyone is paying their fair share of the cost?

The benefits of itemised billing for hotels and business centres

If you own and operate a hotel or business centre – that is, a building housing numerous companies, or tenants – you’ll know that you regularly clock up hundreds of phone calls, both in and outbound. While some businesses within your centre may have taken ownership of their own phone lines and call costs others won’t have; itemised billing is a great way to monitor which lines are calling where, with what frequency, and how much everything is costing. Above all, itemised billing can make the task of sorting and paying bills much easier, as well as resolving or preventing disputes, identifying which tenants are making the most calls, tracking inbound calls and nuisance numbers, and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly. You may be one of those businesses that charges for incoming calls, which are then rerouted via reception to the respective tenant; with itemised billing every call is logged for you, regardless of whether it’s travelling in or outbound.

How can Lanonyx help?

Our call logging software is capable of resolving any issues that you may have been facing regarding to the calls made to and from your property, including costing disputes, difficulty working out what to charge customers and tenants for their calls, or increasing bills. So, how is this possible? Simple; the software logs every single call that is made to or from your building via your phone line, and records the number, the length of the call, and whether that call was inbound or outbound. The software can even determine which extension a call came from, enabling hoteliers to charge calls to guests’ rooms, and business centres to trace communication between the different offices it houses. What’s more, Lanonyx’s software can be connected to any telephone system fitted with a call logging point, and itemise your calls within minutes – it’s a quick and simply resolution for so many call-related issues. Why not give it a try?

If you would like to hear more about our call logging and call recording software, or would like to query how itemised billing can help you please feel free to give us a call on 0333 0022 440 or contact us; we’re always happy to chat!

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