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Improve productivity in the workplace: 3 simple steps

Easy fixes to improve productivity and efficiency

We’ve spoken quite extensively about how call logging and call recording software can improve productivity and efficiency within the workplace, but have you ever wondered what else you could be doing to move things along? Our software may be pretty nifty, but it’s not going to clear in-trays, photocopy documents, or create PowerPoint presentations for you! Your office should operate like a well-oiled machine, with every person playing their part – and that includes you. Finding ways to improve productivity in your workplace needn’t be a daunting task; simply follow these steps and you’ll be ticking along nicely in no time…

1. Set clear, attainable goals

While it might be tempting to assume that piling on the work and motoring through a dozen jobs at once is the best way to get things done, it actually helps to break things down somewhat; there’s nothing less motivating than an unobtainable goal, after all. At the beginning of every working day, or week, sit down with your team and work out what needs to be done, to whom each task will be assigned, and what’s expected of the office. You’ll find everything works far more efficiently when everyone’s on the same page, and when employees have had a hand in creating their own workload. Oh – and micro managing is a big no-no. Again, assuming control can feel like the best way to push jobs forward, but it actually just creates pressure that nobody wants to work beneath. If you really want to allow your employees to flourish allow them to tackle the workload at their own pace; they’re bound to surprise you.

2. Be strict with distractions

Getting the balance right can be difficult; one minute you’re being told not to be too hard on your employees and the next you’re reminded not to let them get away with murder. However finding that balance is absolutely vital – once you have it everything else will fall into place. It’s important that everyone is on the same page regarding office distractions such as phones, social media, and non-work related emails; do you allow such distractions, or have you found it difficult to cut them out? The key to productivity is consistency, so ensure you have companywide guidelines regarding these matters. In order to improve productivity ensure employees are only accessing social media on their breaks, that emails are restricted to work-related business at all times, and that phones are kept out of sight during periods of work. That includes you, of course; by keeping business focused and limiting distractions you’ll get so much more done, and appreciate your breaks that little bit more.

3. Offer incentives and provide time to relax

So far so good; your employees know what’s expected of them and have helped to create their own workload, and you’ve successfully banished distractions to the break room. So, what’s next? One of the best ways to improve productivity is to offer incentives for timely, efficient work and to provide frequent breaks. Yes, breaks – even when there’s a deadline to meet. You see, very few people work well under a barrage of stress, particularly when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s up to you to ensure that team members are taking time away from their desks, and that they have somewhere completely free from work-related paraphernalia in which to unwind. Refreshed and relaxed employees are far more productive than those worked to the bone. It is also essential that you recognise a job well done, congratulate staff members, and provide rewards once all of the hard work is over. It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, either; a simple sign of appreciation will be enough for your staff to know that the hard work has been worth it.

If you find that morale has dipped, or that there has been a noticeable reduction in productivity it is well worth remembering that communication is key; how do your employees feel about their work? Are goals clear and attainable? Sometimes improving the office environment simply requires listening more carefully to what your employees are saying, and resolving to do things a little differently every once in a while. Remember; your office should operate like a well-oiled machine – are you taking care of all of its parts?

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