Theatre companies: Why phones and phone calls are a good thing!

We’re sure you have your own way of requesting that mobile phones are switched off for the duration of every performance. We’re also certain you’ve got better things to think about than improving the performance of telephones on your premises. Hey, what’s one less phone spoiling a recital? However, what if we told you that we could help your business to flourish by doing just that? Wait; we’re not asking you to relax the rules on mobile phone usage. What we ARE asking is that you consider how your telephone lines might improve profits, and morale for performers and patrons. More specifically, we’re hoping that our call recording and logging equipment could revolutionise the way you take and manage bookings, and help you to fill more seats than ever before – not to mention improving your ability to put the customer first.

Let’s set the scene…

Despite growing emphasis on online bookings we’re sure you still rely rather heavily on your phone lines. There’s nothing quite like a helpful voice to reassure audience members that they’re getting the seats they want, for the show they’d most like to see, on the date they require. So far, so good. However, you’re also incredibly busy. Most theatres release tickets months in advance, and with countless shows happening throughout the year you need to know that your call handlers are at the top of their game. Are queries, comments and complaints being dealt with efficiently, compassionately and… well, legally? Are callers being helped in an appropriate manner, quickly and within certain parameters? We’re sure that we can help.

Call recording software can assist effective staff training

Our call logging and recording software can ensure that your call handlers are receiving the right training, and that they’re managing calls in a manner that’s right for your business. Once installed call recording software will allow team leaders to access every call quickly and easily, so that appraisals can be made. What’s more, recorded calls are invaluable training tools – particularly when you’re demonstrating correct and incorrect conduct.

Theatre companies: Why phones and phone calls are a good thing!

Call recording can prevent disputes

Tensions can sometimes run high in the world of theatre, particularly if a ticket holder is convinced they’ve received a service that’s below par. Did they book premier seats but discover an obstructed view? Have they turned up on the wrong date, or at the wrong venue? It’s often easier to blame someone else than admit human error, but call recording can dissolve any disputes before they have a chance to gather pace. In the event of a caller turning nasty your new software will protect the rights of your team members and provide evidence, if necessary, of anything that needs to be addressed. Hey, you’ll be able to reassure patrons of bookings that they’ve made and record their details for research purposes, too. Disaster averted, we think you’ll find.

Call logging can banish lost calls backstage

Your phone lines are no doubt very busy, whatever the time of day. Those seats will usually sell themselves as long as there’s a team member to facilitate that sale. So, what happens when your call handlers are busy, and patrons don’t want to wait in a queue? Our call logging software will tell you who’s called and when, and document the number that they called from. What’s more, our logging software can give you the lengths of time that people have waited and help you to make that call regarding hiring more staff. During lulls your team members will have lists of numbers to call, ensuring that nobody is left disappointed.

Call logging can keep you compliant

You’re taking personal data and financial details from patrons, so you need to be able to prove your business is compliant. Call recording and logging is just one way that you can do that. While certain details can be captured and kept on file for future reference others, like bank details, can be given during a pause in the recording. It’s simple and easy to do, and will arm your business with the skills it needs to succeed on every level.

So you see, there’s really no need for the dramatics! Our call logging and recording software can help your business to operate efficiently and transparently, and ensure that performers, audience members, backstage and front of house staff enjoy their experiences at the theatre. Please do contact us if you’d like to find out more. We’re happy to advise you!

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