The benefits of Call Logging Software for Colleges and Universities

The benefits of Call Logging Software for Colleges and Universities: Back to school

By now colleges and universities across the land will have settled into their stride, and are no doubt looking forward to getting yet another new year underway following the excitement of Christmas. With any luck those teething problems that often accompany earlier terms will be well on their way towards resolution. Timetables, administration errors and early morning we’re looking at you. However, there’s no such thing as being too prepared or forearmed, particularly when it comes to the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Enter, please, call logging and recording software. You see, while online portals serve a valuable function when it comes to schedules, submissions and results, nothing quite compares to a telephone conversation.

The ability to record, monitor and log calls is an important one for academic institutions. It’s particularly essential that the information discussed in said phone calls is processed and stored correctly. With thousands of students and hundreds of courses to track, is your technology capable of keeping up?

Schools, colleges and universities, listen up…

Call recording software can help you to keep on top of important information, including registration details, class data and niggly conversations about timetables and exam dates. You’re going to field an awful lot of calls during those first weeks, and it’s perfectly possible that some details may get missed or forgotten in the clamor. However, those are important details, which matter a great deal to students and their tutors. Call recording has your back; when in doubt these important tidbits can be recalled with the touch of a button. Are you concerned about compliance? Our pause/resume function will ensure recordings cease whenever sensitive data, such as payment details, are exchanged.

We can help you to manage your workload

Our call logging software will help departments to better manage their own workloads, by displaying where calls have been made from and to, how long callers may have waited to be connected and how long calls lasted for. Does a particular department need any additional support? Where are most calls being made from and to? Our logs provide access to all call data, including telephone numbers to return lost calls. The software will keep academic institutions at the top of their game, and able to provide the best possible service to new, existing, and prospective students and their families.

Call logging can cut costs, not corners

You need to know that your telecommunications package is the right one for your services, your staff and the students you care for. Is the amount you’re spending in line with how you use it? Are staff members using phone lines correctly, and with regards to your policies about phone usage? Our logging software notes where calls are made from and to, and could help you to see where your money is being spent – as well as identifying staff members who might be using services to their own end. Put simply, we’ll ensure you’re receiving a telephone service that best meets your needs.

Curtail disputes before they cause issues

The start of a new term is an emotionally charged time. Students want to know where they’re going and what they’re doing, and ensure they have the funds to get them there. Tutors and administration staff need to be able to keep on time of timetables, concerns and queries. Tempers may fray, and information could be misunderstood. This is where call recording software for Colleges and Universities comes in really handy. Each call is isolated, meaning that you can return to particular conversations time and time again. You’ll know immediately what was said or offered, and whether calls were resolved promptly and satisfactorily. If not, why not? Should situations escalate, you’ll have any evidence you need to bring cases to their conclusion.

It could be time to invest in new technology, particularly if you’d like your school, college or university to operate more efficiently. The good news is that we offer free trials for both call logging and call recording software, which will enable you to try before you buy. We’re sure you’ll never look back. Please do contact us with your call needs today on 03330022440.

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