The perfect storm: How call logging and recording can assist your business following a natural disaster

Bringing winds of between 65 and 75 mph Storm Aileen has certainly made her presence felt during the last couple of days; downing trees and causing power outages, the first named storm of the season has affected numerous homes and businesses, and left commuters stranded for hours at a time. Having watched storms Harvey, Irma, and Jose wreak havoc and devastation across parts of the Caribbean and several American States it’s tempting to feel as though we’ve got away lightly. Some might even get a little complacent about their own disaster recovery processes. However, would your business survive, and continue to thrive, if such a storm should hit Britain’s shores? Imagine that Aileen is just the beginning of our own perfect storm, and you may begin to see things a little differently…

So, how can we help your business?

We’ve written rather extensively on the subject of call recording and disaster recovery, in a blog that can be found here. However, following the prominent media coverage surrounding Harvey, Irma, and Jose, and now Aileen, we felt now would be a good time to remind our customers, old and new, of the importance of being prepared. Of course, your disaster recovery plan will no doubt incorporate numerous avenues and procedures for your property. Have you considered how your data might be affected, though?

Call logging and recording software can…

Store your client’s details for future use

Should you lose power, or find yourself unable to access your business premises, call logs can be accessed remotely; you’ll have a log of each and every call made and received, as well as the numbers, dates, and times pertaining to each of those conversations. Businesses are built on this kind of data, so imagine how vital it will be for your company to have its records intact.

Remember every transaction

In much the same way that call-logging software will remember clients, call recording will enable you to revisit certain transactions should you need to. Each recorded call will remind you of a conversation or transaction that’s pertinent to your business, ensuring your customer service capabilities remain consistent.

Form the basis of your office’s restoration

The details gathered by our recording and logging software can be stored within the cloud, meaning that endless amounts of data can be retrieved with the click of a button. It doesn’t matter where you are or what equipment you’re using, you’ll still have the basis of your business once you’re ready to get up and going once more.

Provide peace of mind

For all its bells and whistles our software will provide your office with peace of mind; it’s as simple as that. While your physical operation may take a little longer to restore, the heart and soul of your company, your clients’ data, will remain uncompromised. Can you really put a price on that kind of reassurance?

We would like to help your business to prepare for every eventuality, including intense storms with the power to devastate homes and businesses. Should your business lose vital data during such a storm, our software can ensure you’re back on your feet before much time has passed at all. To find out more, please give one of our representatives a call on 0333 0022 440, or drop us an email to It would be a pleasure to help your disaster recovery efforts.

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