Disaster Recovery: Call logging and call recording software in an emergency

Disaster Recovery: Call logging and call recording software in an emergency

How can such software protect your business and aid disaster recovery?

It’s something that nobody ever really wants to think about, and yet one of the first things that every business owner must consider if they hope to keep their head above water; what would you do in an emergency? Whether that emergency is a natural disaster, an accident with terrible repercussions, or an instance of vandalism or cyber crime, there are numerous ways that your business could be compromised, and a variety of scenarios that could lead to the loss of vital data. Luckily there are also a number of ways in which your company, and its assets, can be safeguarded against such threats. Formulating a disaster recovery plan is absolutely vital, and will enable you and your colleagues to get back on your feet again in no time at all.

What part can call logging and call recording software play in such an eventuality?

While most disaster recovery plans will include the installation of backup generators, the location of emergency exits, and the details of relevant experts to call in any number of situations, the types of software that you use every day can be of as much use to you in an crisis as a trip switch, or set of emergency contact details. Call logging and call recording software, for example, can become incredibly valuable if a flood, damaging winds, cyber attack, or act of vandalism hits your company, particularly if your systems are backed up on the cloud, or a similar, remotely hosted network. Call logging and call recording software can play an integral role in your company’s recovery plan, storing all previous phone calls, and the information contained therein, on a computer system or remote network to be accessed again once your office is back up and running; imagine the peace of mind you’ll have once you remember that your clients’ details and call histories can still be accessed, regardless of the damage caused to your physical operations. Indeed, logs and recordings can, more often than not, be retrieved from anywhere as long as they are backed up onto the cloud. Even without a functioning office life, and business goes on, and it’s all down to your decision to choose call logging and call recording software, and include it in your disaster recovery plan.

I’m still not sure – tell me more

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that your office has been subjected to a bout of extreme weather and is currently inaccessible. There’s always a risk under such circumstances that you’ll lose all of the data you’ve worked so hard to collate, as well as sensitive information and customer details. These days there’s a good chance that such records will be protected by a cloud based systems, but with call logging and recording software you will also have the reassurance that your clients’ and associates’ contact details are stored safely for you to use again in the future. What’s more, every call that has been recorded will remind you of conversations and transactions that will be relevant to business, while logs will document the frequency, and urgency, with which some calls were handled. Customer satisfaction is a huge deal to most businesses, and with call logging and call recording software you can provide that personal edge despite being in the midst of a crisis.

Next time anybody queries your disaster preparedness, be sure to point them in this direction; we believe that there’s a lot to be learned about the implementation of call logging and recording software, and its use during and after a disaster, and cannot wait to share those advantages with your friends and colleagues.

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