Manufacturing: Call recording and call logging for your industry

How Call Logging and Call Recording software can aid the manufacturing industry.

We’re particularly proud of our call logging and recording software, and its ability to increase a workforce’s productivity. Indeed, you may have heard us discussing the matter before… If you’re in the manufacturing industry then the idea of improved productivity may well appeal to you. However, we’re here to tell you that there are a host of other benefits that our software can lend to your business.

For example, call logging and recording software will…

Maintain client data and records

Although your daily operations are no doubt focused upon your production line and the preparation of items to be shipped, there’s a real need for organisation and records in the manufacturing industry. How else would you keep on top of your clients’ details and orders? Call recording and logging provide a quick and easy solution, ensuring that every communication, and the details contained within, is stored securely. Order requests, customer details, and more will be stored for your convenience later on, while phone numbers, call duration and frequency, and dates and times are logged for immediate reference.

Record queries for the development of your manufacturing business

The manufacturing industry is a fast-paced one, and you may feel as though your have little to no time to dedicate to your business’s development. However, your recorded calls could just provide more answers than you’d ever imagined. Listen back to those customer queries and comments; what are they telling you about your company and its products? Have any demands been made that you’ve yet to meet? How do your customers, and associates, rate your business? Even if you do nothing else today, take note of what people are saying.

Provide liability protection and resolve disputes

Disputes are an unfortunate aspect of business, particularly if you’re operating within an industry that relies on the clear communication of measurements and specifications; mishaps are bound to happen, and there’s often little you can do to prevent them. Call recording could be just one resource in your battle against such miscommunications, though. The ability to replay important conversations will ensure that your manufacturers are absolutely clear on what needs to be done, while logging can preserve the details of those you’ve dealt with. Should a dispute arise you’ll always have an accessible log of your communication, and evidence should a matter be taken further. Rest assured, our software is here to help.

Improve customer service and employee performance

Call logging and recording provide a two-fold opportunity to improve your customers’ experiences of your services. Firstly, call recording will ensure that trainees and those requiring improvement have instant access to excellent examples of great customer services. Simply play each call back to inspire the kind of service that you expect your employees to provide. Secondly, your ability to monitor call numbers and frequency will enable you to have the right number of call handlers on board at any one time. Does your business get particularly busy after the weekend, but dip again during the week? Call logging can help you to provide sufficient staff so that no customer is ever waiting too long to be heard.

Above all call logging and recording can help you to stay ahead of the game, providing valuable assistance to aid your working day. From improved customer service and increased productivity to the ability to keep better records, our software will stand by your side as your business flourishes.

There are numerous ways that our call logging and recording could help your manufacturing business. You’ve only got to ask! If you’d like to learn more please contact us or give us a call on 0333 0022 440, or feel free to frequent our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook. Our team members are waiting to answer your queries, and to pair you with the right logging and recording options to suit your business.

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