Improve your business’s productivity with the latest call technology

Improve your business’s productivity with the latest call technology

Here we look at the best way to improve your business’s productivity this year…

Productivity; it’s a business buzz word, and one you’ll no doubt have heard, and even used, on multiple occasions throughout your working life. The truth is that we’d all like our working days to be more productive, but how can Telestat 7 Call Logging and Call Recording Software improve your business’s productivity for the better? Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should be investing in your company’s communication technology this year…

1. Increased performance, improved call times

Let’s face it; a workforce that knows, or at least has an inkling, it’s being watched is more likely to get the job done. Now, we’re not suggesting that you install call logging and call recording software simply to keep an eye on employees, but such packages are a great incentive for your team to keep up the good work, as well as reassuring them that their interests, and safety are being looked after. Call logging and Call recording software can optimise staff availability, ensure they’re always on task, and keep everybody in the loop. It will also raise awareness of successes and failures, and make events such as lost calls blatant; a business that know where it could be improving is one keen to increase its productivity, after all.

2. Banishing lost calls

If you’re able to improve call-handling times, motivate your team to keep waiting times short, and retrieve data from each customer that couldn’t hold on, you’ll instantly be improving your office’s productivity. Losing calls can be really disheartening, as you imagine the deals that could have been made, or profit that was there to be had. With a wallboard, such as the ones we’re able to provide, you can keep track of everybody that’s attempted to make contact, and ensure they’re not lost for long – suddenly the term ‘lost call’ doesn’t seem so permanent.

3. Data storage and analysis

Nothing improves productivity like being able to analyse where you’ve been going wrong, or receiving a report detailing the true successes of your business. Imagine, every small detail of your company’s communication available at the click of a button; you’ll soon know what has worked and what hasn’t, and where clients have been most responsive. Correcting errors and building upon business models that flourish is an ideal way to improve productivity, and the Telestat 7 call recording and logging software is just perfect for such a task. If you’re looking for something more efficient than that you’re in luck; Telestat 7 software will send your automated responses by email, so you’ll never be waiting for those facts again.

4. Money saving

Regardless of what you may be thinking installing software like Telestat 7’s call monitoring package isn’t pricey at all, and you’ll actually end up saving your business money in the long run. With itemised call lists and billing information you’ll be able to see where money is being spent and saved, and work out a plan going forward. Personal calls are the scourge of businesses up and down the country, but all logging and recording software will reduce such communications. Imagine how productive your workforce will be if there’s less temptation to just make that quick call, and where your funds could be better spent.


If you would like to find out more about our telephone call logging and call recording technology please do give us a call on 0333 0022440 or contact us. Our team are always on hand to answer your queries and, with a free trial of Telestat 7’s latest software, we’re certain you’ll be able to improve your business’s productivity this year.

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