Calling all water and electricity companies: Call logging and recording software could be the answer you’ve been searching for

Calling all water and electricity companies: Call logging and recording software could be the answer you’ve been searching for

Listen up, utility companies: we’ve got something to shout about. As another new year rolls around you’re no doubt hoping to harness as many leads, and possibilities as you can in the coming twelve months. It’s only natural for business to choose this time of year to set their benchmarks; we’re betting you’re no different. While the service you provide, be it gas, electricity, or water, is unlikely to change you’re almost certain to be looking for new ways to deliver your product, and communicate with your customers. At Lanonyx we think we’ve got just what you need in the form of our call recording and logging software, which can improve your business’s productivity and ability to reach out to those likely to send their money your way.

Hey, you don’t have to take our word for it, though. Here are just a handful of reasons why your business would be better off with Lanonyx….

Our Leaderboard will help you to keep a track of sales numbers and targets

Not all of your business will involve solving problems and keeping existing clients up to date; your sales team is no doubt a huge part of your daily operations, too. Interactive white boards and chalkboards are all very well for keeping a track of sales targets, but they rely on your team members’ manual input. Wouldn’t you rather your sales representatives focused on the task at hand? Our customisable Leaderboard is a fantastic tool, monitoring your sales floor and the calls it receives. Who’s handling the most leads? Who’s making the most sales? Simply check the data on the Leaderboard, which is retrievable from multiple locations.

Our automatic reports store client and call data

We’ve talked about missed and unanswered calls on numerous occasions. However, the fact still remains that more than three quarters of your customers would fail to call back if they missed you on the first attempt. Those that will call back are likely to be facing issues that they’d rather like resolving – raising the levels of tension when they do, eventually, get through. Our automatic call reports store client and call data, enabling you to see the details of everybody that’s called, when they rang, and how long they stayed on hold. You’re now able to ring them back at your earliest conveniences; lost leads are retrieved, and stressed callers can now be soothed. Meanwhile your customer service record remains intact.

Our ability to record can help you to train and review employees

Recorded calls are more valuable than you can imagine; particularly when it comes to staff training and progress reviews. While some new recruits might get to grips with the scripts, services, and special mentions with ease others might need a little more prompting. Your recorded calls could provide the perfect training prompt, giving great examples of what you expect from your staff members at every turn. These calls are excellent progress reports, too. Should you need to appraise a team member you’ll have plenty of examples for them to build and work upon.

Our recorded calls will resolve disputes before they gain traction

Money is a sensitive subject for almost everybody at one time or another. As a utility company, you’re perhaps on the receiving end of more than your fair share of complaints when it comes to costs and billing; there’s a good chance you don’t deserve the vilification you’re subject to, either. Our call recording software can help when it comes to disputes, immediately ruling out cases of ‘he said, she said’ and providing firm evidence of communication and contracts should you need it.

Our call logs could save you money

What business doesn’t want to save money as another year comes and goes? It’s often difficult to keep a track of those pennies and pounds; you’re perhaps convinced that your telephone lines are eating your profit. Our automatic call reports don’t just record client details and conversations, but will also provide a breakdown of costs – including the amount spent on any particular call or batch of calls. You’ll have easy access to those numbers with the click of a mouse, ensuring you’re on top of your budget, and bills, in no time at all.

Whichever way you look at it, we’re sure that your business could benefit from our call logging and recording software. Whether you’re looking for a more productive way to train new recruits, or need to save money our software will be with you at each step. It’s rather good at monitoring those sales targets, too. Please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll answer all of your questions with enthusiasm and expertise.

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