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Vehicle rental companies: Call recording software will put you in the fast lane

Vehicle rental companies: Why call Logging and recording is right for your business

There are a variety of reasons why a person may wish to hire a vehicle. Perhaps they’re in need of a van in order to move to a new house, or to conduct a house clearance. They may need a car while their regular vehicle is having a little work done. You may provide vehicles for those holidaying in the area; those that haven’t brought their own car with them. Whatever vehicle rental services you provide, we’re betting that your team members spend the vast majority of their time on the phone. From answering queries and organising rental opportunities, to completing transactions, there will be few elements of business that aren’t conducted over the phone.

So, how do you make sure that your business is running as efficiently as possible? Are you able to provide detailed records pertaining to all bookings in a heartbeat, or would such a request require hours of searching through paperwork? If you’ve not already considered the benefits of call logging and recording software allow us to break it down for you. After all, who knows what opportunities you could be missing out on?

Call logging and recording software can help your vehicle rental business in numerous ways. These include…

Improved training opportunities

Walking into an environment as fast-paced as a vehicle rental business can be intimidating for new team members. How will they learn, and remember everything they need to? How can you, in turn, ensure that customer service representatives are giving out the right information and representing your business to the best of their abilities? With call recording software, of course. Outstanding calls can be repeatedly returned to as part of your training procedures, while recording the first calls a trainee takes will give them an idea of where, and how, they could improve. If you’ve cause for concern, listen to your team’s calls and ease your mind instantly.

Refining the accuracy of bookings

Call logging and recording software ensures you have a record of conversations, bookings, and transactions, without needing to search through reams of paperwork each time a query is raised. Accuracy will be improved instantly. If your rental business implements call logging and recording technology you will always have quick and easy access to callers’ details, information pertaining to the rental agreement, and documented examples of transactions. There will be no excuses for bookings going astray, or for customers to query any aspect of the way their booking was handled; you’ll have everything you need to answer any questions in an accessible format.

Increasing efficiency and compliance for card payments

Call recording is a great way to ensure compliance, and to keep on top of all card payments that you receive. Of course, you’ll also need to print invoices and carefully store paperwork. However, with a log that’s recorded the moment a transaction is completed, you’ll never have to doubt your employees’ collective ability to record data. What’s more, call recording makes sure that your customers’ security is always taken seriously, and will provide a valuable back-up if issues of theft and fraud should ever arise.

A better way of documenting accidents

Accidents do happen, regardless of how careful your customers are – or how thoroughly your vehicles have been serviced. While the majority of your customers and contractors will be honest and easy to handle, you may encounter trouble from time to time. There’s nothing worse than an episode of “He said, she said”. If you’ve invested in your company’s interests and installed call recording and logging software the vast majority of disputes can be solved quickly and painlessly. After all, you’ll have evidence of each and every accident, as well as the details pertaining to any incidents that may otherwise remain undocumented. This kind of technology is the best way to protect your business, and your employees.

When it comes to customer service, handling bookings and card payments, and logging incidents, nothing can reassure a business quite like our software can. Call Logging and Call Recording technology can be there to enhance your daily operations, and to make sure you’re never missing a beat. Can you really afford to do without it?

If you’d like to put your vehicle rental business into the fast lane, and find out what it’s like to overtake the competition, please do contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss all of your call logging and call recording requirements with you.

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