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Global business: Understanding the languages of opportunity

Global Business

Understanding the languages and approach to global business opportunities is increasingly important in this modern technological age. It’s one thing having those communication channels open but it can another to actually have the ability to make the most of them. Creating the right tone through language and approach to global business enquiries may just be the greatest and subtlest of challenges to being successful.

How does it differ?

Many of the differences, as you might expect, are geographical. If you’re dealing with someone from the United States they often value directness in business communications. They generally like information to be presented in a succinct, digestible form, getting straight to the point. Don’t expect them to read between the lines and if you begin to employ circumlocution or meandering techniques you risk being perceived as disorganised or unprepared.

When dealing with people from Japan, China or Korea communication is often less direct. The Japanese in particular are very careful with regard to the way they communicate, especially when it comes to information that might be regarded as sensitive. The ability to read between the lines and communicate information that is subtle but still gets the message across is a highly prized characteristic in Japanese culture.

How do you learn the subtle differences?

Becoming adept at global business transactions is probably similar to learning a foreign language. Be prepared to make mistakes and for it to take time, practice and patience. The starting point might be to fully understand your own culture and how business is conducted between UK businesses. At least then you’ll have a point to begin from. If your culture is to be more direct then learning techniques of how to filter or pare this down will help.

Call recording can also help if transactions take place over the phone. Recorded calls will allow you to assess how certain parts of the conversation were received and you’ll be able to gauge the reactions you received to particular approaches. It will help you to build up an understanding of the things that work well and those that most certainly don’t when communicating with people from different parts of the world.

But, still be yourself…

As important as it is to understand the differing nuances of global business communication, you should always remember that at the other end the person you’re dealing with is still expecting you to be…you! If they are well versed in dealing with people from other countries they will understand the differences that exist and may well be making certain allowances too. Whatever happens it’s no bad thing to have done some research and shown respect towards other cultures and differences.

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