Telestat Call Logging Software – Stands the test of time at BUPA, 22 years later….

Sometimes businesses lose contact with some of their customers, this particular BUPA nursing home was one that we had lost contact with until they called us for help.

They had a very old version of Telestat Call Logging Software installed on a very old PC, it had been running fine for years and doing its job fully and well.

The PC was turned off for an annual electrical test and when powered back on the machine wouldn’t boot up, this will strike a chord with anyone who remembers old PC’s.

The customer located a spare PC and the Call Logging Software installation media and then phoned us so we could help with their problem.

The problem now was that the spare PC didn’t have a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive, it only had a CD, further questioning revealed the details on the floppies said Copyright (c) 1991.

We were amazed, the software and PC had been sat there in a care home producing itemised room bills for 22 years.

How’s that for customer and product longevity?

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