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Sense check your call recording techniques to improve agent performance


Sense Check your technology: Are you getting the maximum benefit from your call recording system? 

A quick and simple sense check of how you use your call recording system can help identify areas whereby you can increase productivity, service, and efficiency just by utilising the technology at your disposal. Here we will look at four techniques you can adopt to ensure your call recording system is helping you to improve productivity and efficiency within your business.

Do you use good and bad example calls for training new staff?

Demonstrating good and bad calls to your new employees is an invaluable tool to use during their initial training. Listening to a professional, confident, and successful call should inspire your employee to deliver similar experiences, whilst backing this up with a call littered with errors such as poor listening skills, negative voice tone or overly aggressive delivery can have a powerful yet positive effect on a new agent.

Are you monitoring your sales agents calls regularly?

A key component of call recording is the ability to playback and review agent calls for training and coaching purposes. Listening to 3-4 calls a week per agent gives you an excellent sample to judge the performance of your people, allowing you to correct, amend or praise as necessary

Agent self-evaluation

Performance reviews are critical to the long-term development of all employees. Using Call recording during these reviews can really bring home the reality of performance of individual employees by allowing them to review and sense check their own calls. Not only can it reinforce the message you are trying to convey, but also by identifying both positive and negative aspects of a call themselves, the agent can have a direct and immediate impact in their execution of the role.

Using call recording playback at staff meetings

Call recording can be extremely powerful in demonstrating how effective good and bad calls can be during staff meetings. Attempting to explain where improvement is required or how your team can deliver the right message is far more effectual in a group setting if you have a recording of a live conversation, allowing you to stop and highlight both positive and negative aspects to the call. You can also add in a call of the week/month competition, giving you the opportunity to reward and recognise great performance.

If you’re already following the above tips, then congratulations, give yourself a huge pat on the back. If not, why not give them a trial for a month, and see how much you and your team could benefit from adopting some simple yet effective benefits from your call recording system.

For more information on how to sense check your call recording system or for anything call recording or call logging related, please give us a call on 0333 0022 440 or contact us, and one of our friendly team will be here to help.

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