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Pre-recorded Audio Marketing – New ways to market your business

Using call recording in the real world: Email marketing and the use of pre-recorded audio

We’ve covered the professional uses of call recording and call logging software in quite some detail. From improved training and efficiency, to complaints handling and customer satisfaction, all companies should be investing in call recording equipment these days. However, did you know that such technology could also be used in the ‘real world’? We’re talking, of course, about call recording and marketing. There are numerous ways that you could use pre-recorded audio and sound bites to reach out to customers, and to demonstrate your company’s capabilities.

Attract potential customers’ attention with…

Examples of outstanding service

So, you’ve managed to attract prospective customers’ attention with a carefully designed product or thoughtful service. How do you ensure they call you, rather than your nearest competitor? Don’t rely on marketing jargon or bright images to reflect your customer service skills, demonstrate your capabilities with recorded calls. We’ve no doubt that your sales representatives are putting their training to good use, but it’s often a good idea to leave your customers with little doubt as to how they’ll be treated when they call to make an enquiry. Recordings of outstanding calls can be a great way to encourage those customers to make first contact. Tempted by the attentive nature of your employees, customers will be far more likely to conduct business with you. Recorded calls can be released in a variety of ways, including social media, radio advertising, sound bites sent via email, and promotional banners with integrated sound. However you choose to show off, ensure you’re selling that side of your business.

Frequently asked questions

This one’s short but sweet. Why not use recorded calls to revolutionise the concept of the FAQ (Frequently asked question)? Most websites provide a guide to their most frequently pondered queries, so consider a series of answers that have been provided during recorded calls. Show, don’t tell.

Inspirational purchasing scenarios

Congratulations on your innovative product, or inspiring service. You’re really making a name for yourself in your chosen industry. Do you customers know how to make the most of their purchases from you, though? There are so many products and services that can be used a variety of different ways, and it’s essential that your customers know this. Call recording can be a great way to demonstrate the functionality and flexibility of your product. Audio clips of customers making enquiries, or receiving pertinent information, can be included in emailed newsletters, promotional banners, and social media releases, and will tell customers all they need to know – and more besides. These kinds of purchasing scenarios will inspire potential customers in a way that many kinds of marketing just cannot.

Complaint handling and resolution

Your service could be the most admirable of any local business, but you’re still likely to come up against complaints or disputes at one time or another. It’s the nature of business, we’re afraid. What will really set you apart from your nearest competition is the way you handle such contact. Will your customer service employees baulk at the first sign of a dispute, or will they ensure the customer goes away reassured, recompensed, and inspired to order from your again? If it’s the latter, be sure to release sound bites of your complaints handling capabilities as part of your marketing. Would-be customers will be encouraged to contact you if they know their satisfaction is your priority.


If you’re going to be using recorded calls to demonstrate your business’s customer service skills it’s important you remove any identifiable details from the recording first. Names, addresses, account information, and other identifiers should not be broadcast in the public domain.


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