Our call recording software has gone to Malta and beyond…

It might be hard to imagine our call recording software sunning itself on a beach on the other side of the world, but that’s what we’d like you to do – just for the time being, anyway. We might be based in sunny Manchester, England, but our software has been making waves internationally, too. Just ask our contacts in Malta; one of our valued clients has recently taken receipt of a SIP call recorder, and couldn’t be happier with their new piece of kit. You see, while we’re happy to talk to businesses of all shapes, sizes and persuasions around the UK we are equally primed, ready and pleased to talk to businesses overseas.

That’s right; our call recording software has gone global, and has been internationally recognised for some time. Our products are completely flexible when it comes to location, and will work with just about any system and supporting setup. That’s the beauty of our software and the technology that hosts it. So, why should your international business consider phone call recording software, or call logging software for that matter?

We can help your business to run more efficiently

Our call logging and recording software has plenty of tricks up its sleeves. From providing excellent training opportunities to identifying when things are going wrong with your sales pitches, our software will help your performance to pick up its pace. You might be a little reluctant to trust a brand new system, but have faith in our capabilities; a phone call logging and recording system can ensure your business is running effectively, efficiently and to the best of its abilities.

We can save you money!

Money is money, whatever currency you accept or trade in. Our call logging software can help you to identify where costs are being made, and where cost-cutting could come into its own. Are members of your team abusing the telephone system? Are you paying for packages you just don’t use? We can even identify the frequency and cost of international calls, and help you to make the most of every call you make. That has to sound good!

We will help you out in a dispute

If there’s one thing all businesses dread it’s disputes; if you operate internationally we’re betting those complaints and arguments are even less welcome than they are for us. Our call recording system will take any doubt out of the equation, helping you to retrieve details that have been discussed, promises that have been made and areas where you might have fallen short. Forget ‘he said, she said’; this is an example of ‘case closed’.

We can help you to keep track of business

The simplest reason to have a call recorder or logging system is that we can help you keep tabs on business. We can tell you who has called and when, where outgoing calls have been made to, and how long communications have lasted for. Missed calls can be traced, chilled leads can be revived and valuable contacts can be held onto forever. International business can be a minefield, but we can help you to navigate those greyer areas.

Whether you’re based in the UK or overseas we’d love to hear from you. Please do contact our team members, and we will answer your queries and provide information about the fantastic benefits of call recording and logging software. We look forward to hearing from you.

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