Lean on us: How we can be of assistance to dedicated IT support teams

Lean on us: How we can be of assistance to dedicated IT support teams

IT support teams are the backbone of modern businesses, providing dedicated, and unwavering advice and practical solutions to a myriad of problems. If you work in IT you’ll understand how important it is that you remain at the top of your game at all times. So, who’s going to look after you, and ensure you’re being as productive as possible? Our call logging and recording software may well be of some use to your IT support department. In fact, we’re certain that we can improve a few things around your office, if you’d allow us to introduce our services…

Introducing our call logging and recording software…

There are a number of ways that our call logging and recording software could help your IT support team to be the very best that it can be; how you implement our software is up to you, of course, but we provide the potential for some fantastic changes.

Call logging software cuts costs, not corners

Our call logging software enables companies, and their IT departments to save money wherever necessary. Not only will you be able to document when and where money is being spent on calls, but you’ll also be able to identify employees who might be using company phone lines to make personal calls. Logging software provides a fantastic solution to overspending, and will ensure you’re always on the right tariff for your business’s needs.

We can help you keep a track of time

Time is of the essence when it comes to IT support. Do you know how long callers have been waiting on the line? Could you say, with any certainty, when an issue was originally raised and handled? Are you handling issues in a timely, and professional manner? With our call logging software you’ll have access to all kinds of call data, including call times, lengths, and frequency – as well as the details of those that might have called you. Such data is imperative if your support team is to improve, or maintain an excellent level of service.

Refer a friend for a discount

The chances are you spend a great deal of your time handling, and communicating with professional clients who may also benefit from our logging and recording service. The great news is that we offer a referral system, whereby those referring friends, colleagues, or professional associates can receive a discount on their own software, updates, and support. Consider such a gesture our gift to you; the hardworking, and oft-unseen IT heroes.

Resolve disputes before they escalate

When it comes to IT support there’s always the potential for matters to become heated very quickly. We rely on technology so heavily that its sudden failure can fray tempers and inspire anger in no time at all. You’re just one support team at the end of the phone; what can you do? Our call recording software can become particularly useful should a dispute arise. Recordings will provide evidence that every avenue is being explored, and that a professional manner has been maintained throughout your dealings with a client or colleague. Simply knowing that their temper is being recorded can be enough to calm down a particularly irate customer.

Effortless team training and review

You need to know that each and every member of your IT support team is pulling his or her weight. Is everyone behaving responsibly, and doing everything in his or her powers to access the right solutions for problems? Call recording and logging software can ensure that team members are making the best use of their time, while providing evidence that can be used during appraisals and reviews. How better to illustrate your expectations during training, than with examples of phone calls and the correct conduct?

So, there you have it. Our call logging and recording software could well be the solution that you’ve been searching for as you endeavour to improve your company’s IT support. If you think that our services could benefit your company please do contact us. We’re only a phone call away, and could have you set up in no time at all.

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