Lanonyx helps local business out of trouble with a 3G Business Continuity Solution

We were contacted last week by a local business who were in trouble. Due to an administrative problem a “well known UK Telephony provider” had ceased all their phone lines and broadband circuits! and “couldn’t” re-instate them for 3 weeks!!!!

This small business employs 6 staff and needs phones to talk to their customers and internet access to process orders, the boss sent the staff home for the afternoon as it was literally impossible to work without phones and internet.

A relation of one of the staff knows us and phoned to see if there was anything “clever” we could do to help them? of course we can help.

We sent one of our senior engineers to site with a 3G router which has one of our Fixed IP SIMs in it, configured it up, added it to their network and that got internet access for the PCs, we then configured 4 IP Phones and connected these to our cloud based telephony system (VoxLogic), we configured the phones so they had the same phone numbers as their old ones, and then asked the “Well Known UK Telephony provider” to call forward their old numbers to our VoxLogic system.

A few test phone calls were made to prove everything worked ok.

They also had a PC in another office about 20 metres away which had never been cabled up, they asked us if we provided cabling, but we had a quicker solution, a pair of Ethernet over mains adapters, we installed these, and connected the extra PC (and another phone) to the system as well.

The whole process took about 2 hours and the following day all the staff were back in work and doing their jobs!

Short Term Fix

The 3G signal is 2 bars which doesn’t sound great but a speed test showed that they were getting ~4Mbps download and ~1.5Mbps upload, which is faster than the broadband line they previously had.

They will also incur a 3G data charge of around £10 per day, but compared to not operating the business at all , this is trivial.

Long Term Fix

They are really annoyed with the previous provider, so our sister company Lanonyx Telecom are installing a new broadband line for them which goes in 5 days after it was ordered and they are going to keep the VoxLogic phones as well

Everybody Wins

This was a classic win-win scenario, they got their problem fixed in a few hours and out-of-hours, and we have now gained a new customer :-)

Business Continuity Services for Telephony

“Stuff happens” doesn’t it, it could be anything, flood, fire, theft or just an admin error but the net result could leave you without internet and telephony services.

Well now you don’t have to wait for “stuff happens” because you can subscribe to our VoxLogic service so your telephony is ready to go when you need it.

Peace of mind for just a few pounds per month contact Lanonyx or Lanonyx Telecom for more details.

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