Keeping your cool in the office

Keep your cool in the office: How call recording and logging software can reassure and relax office bosses

While it’s safe to say that autumn is well and truly here, the summer is still clinging on as hard as it can – indeed, we’ve experienced several warmer days since September’s arrival, and will hopefully see a little more of the sun before it retires for the rest of the year. With all this talk of the heat we thought we’d turn our attention towards the ways in which call recording and logging software can help managers to keep their cool – even when the going gets tough. You see, while an element of trust is essential for any business, it’s always useful to have access to technology that will monitor your team’s call handling skills and compliance, and ensure that everything is as it should be. We want our clients’ offices to operate effortlessly, and to remain as cool as an ice cream cone – even when it’s 30 degrees outside.

So, how can we help? Whether you work in the food industry, supply fun and laughter to the entertainment sector, or take life a little more seriously, we have call recording and logging software that will help you to keep you cool. After all, as our clients in the business of ice cream know, there’s nothing that managers would rather feel than ice-cold confidence in their team – and its abilities.

Keep an eye on compliance

As well as ensuring your company remains PCI compliant call logging and recording software can keep an eye on your team’s adherence to the rules your set for each day; such software means no more stressing about particular phrases being used, reduces worries surrounding legal jargon, and introduces an ability to keep tabs on your staff members at all times. When your team is using the telephone in order to conduct sales and undertake customer service you need to know things are running smoothly, and with our software you can check at the push of a button.

Further your team’s training

Call logging and recording software will lead to improved customer service, ensuring that those who aren’t quite up to scratch are better trained, and that the few who are repeatedly nailing their call handling can be used as good examples across the office. Your team is your company’s heartbeat, and call recording software is your means to regulate its rhythm; one company, multiple offices, perhaps in many locations, and yet one heartbeat.

Monitor sales and call handling

Call logging software is your chance to keep an eye on sales targets, call handling times, and your team’s ability simply by analsying data presented to you on a screen; with one of our leaderboards you’ll easily see who’s crushing their targets, who’s lacking, and how many calls are coming in on any single day. These leaderboards can be completely customised to display the data that matters to you, and handle call details across your company’s locations. Nothing’s going to keep you cooler than such a means of keeping an eye on your team.

Save data for another day

Call recording software is essential for businesses, enabling them to record important information that can be returned to should the need arise. Imagine, for example, that a call handler has miscommunicated a client’s details to a different department and needs to go back to the call and confirm important data; perhaps you’ve received a worrying complaint regarding a sales executive’s conduct, or have found yourself at the heart of a dispute you know you’re on the right side of; you may even simply need to flick through the figures, or retrieve details that are pertinent to a sale. Whatever your reasons for listening to old phone calls, call recording software has your back.

So you see, even on the hottest days of the year it’s perfectly possible to keep your cool in the office – whether you work in the chilliest of industries, the fastest, or the most in demand. As long as you have call recording and logging software you’ll never be stuck for support, and will always know that your team is working, as it should.

Please do give us a call; we’re happy to discuss the ways in which our software can work for you.

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