Integrating your telephone and computer systems

How integrating your telephone and computer systems can drive your business forward

Integrating your telephone and computer systems

Computer Telephony Integration, or Computer-Telephone Integration (CTI) is a fantastic step forward for you and your business in 2017; enabling synchronicity across all systems, reducing administration time and cost, and improving your company’s efficiency, integrating your telephone and computer systems will open a world of opportunities to your business. Computer telephony is an easy to understand, screen-based, alternative to the standard systems you may have become accustomed to and, making the most of a Graphic User Interface (GUI), ensures that most of your communication needs can be met in house.

We develop CTI software for SIP Voice platforms

It’s true, we do! With our CTI software your business will be able to make and answer calls, hold and transfer calls, host conference calls, share extensions, store a personal directory of phone numbers, screen and bar calls, and identify who’s trying to reach you, as well as integrating your fax, emails, and voicemail – in short, total unified messaging and communication; one storage location, one interface. It’s the systems such as ours can revolutionise the ways that businesses communicate, and you’ll find your company running so much more efficiently after a very short time.

How can we help your business to communicate?

Our CTI solutions are so much more than that; we offer onsite and remote support, outsourced IT and network support, firewall support and trouble-shooting, and assistance if you’re using Pay As You Use software. Our CTI software perfectly complements, and is complemented by, our Call Logging and Call Recording software, and you’ll be able to use all systems together to support your office’s operations. Costs will be cut, efficiency and productivity will increase, and you’ll notice that you’ve never felt so in tune with your client-base before.

What else can we do?

Our CTI solutions really pop… well, screen pop. A screen pop is a feature unique to CTI software; it will automatically display all of the caller’s information and their account details, making operating a call centre ever more convenient. If you need to be aware of who’s calling and why they may be doing so, a screen pop is a fantastic feature. At Lanonyx we are experts in SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) voice communication, and have been doing our thing since 1991; what we don’t know about business communication isn’t worth knowing! For extra convenience we can incorporate Click to Dial, sometimes called Click to Call or Click to Talk, into your CTI software – simply press a button or icon, and be connected to whomever you choose.

If you are curious about integrating your telephone and computer systems, need more information, or are serious about improving your operation please do give us a call on 0333 0022440 or contact us. Our team is happy to answer any further queries you may have. 

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