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Information is power: How call logging and call recording can help you get ahead

Information is power… How to maximise the benefits of your Call Recording and Call Logging software

Information is power [so they say] so why not use the information that’s already at your disposal. For those of you who are regular visitors to our blog posts you’ll be more than aware of the benefits we extol associated with call recording and call logging software [those of you who aren’t, have a look here, there are some great reads available]. This blog however, will look at a couple of novel ideas on how to maximise the usage and benefits of your Call Logging and Call Recording software.

How often do you listen to your recorded calls for anything other than for training new employees, dealing with complaints or fact verification? The reality is, that as busy professionals, there is always something more important to do, but are you missing a trick?

Using the Lanonyx Call Recording and Call Logging software you can play back calls to discover some rather valuable pieces of information.

  • Sales and Marketing – discover what your customers are really looking for and the questions they’re asking, or maybe they’re requesting a product or service that you’re not currently providing. Having this information can aid you in getting ahead of your competition, delivering the right marketing strategy, or even adding additional product lines and services to your business.
  • Objection training – Listening to your historical call recordings can give you vital information to pass on to your sales teams in how to manage popular, and maybe not so popular, objections. This give you an ideal opportunity to tailor your sales training to specific barriers, thus allowing your sales agents the opportunity to overcome them quickly and confidently.
  • Competitor activity – you may be surprised to discover that you were not the first company your customer called, they may therefore have some key information for you in relation to your competitor’s current activity, what offers and promotions they may be running, or even how far they’ll go in discounting to win the customers business. All vital information when it comes to planning your business’ future strategy.
  • Know your Geography – using your call logging software you can easily track where in the area from which your calls are coming from. This information can then be used to track the success of regional marketing activity, identify hot and cold regions, and adapt future marketing and promotional plans accordingly.

So now you see, information IS power with Call Logging and Call Recording software, it not only covers the basics of fact verification, complaints and staff training exceptionally well, but can also add great value to your overall business strategy, improve your objection handling, and deliver smarter marketing objectives.

The list doesn’t end here either, there are many more benefits to using call recording and call logging software, just give us a call on 0333 0022 440 or Contact us, and one of our friendly team will be ready and waiting to help.

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