Improve your reactions with call recording software

Improve your reactions with call recording software

Being proactive and reactive is essential for any business. You can work to improve your reactions with call recording software.

The font of all knowledge…and some

For call centre staff, the range of calls they receive can encompass the sublime to the ridiculous. As a business you can work to be as proactive as possible by giving staff the tools and training they need to be successful, but it’s still largely a reactive area of the operation. For a cost effective level of investment you can work to improve your reactions with call recording software.

Information is power…

Capturing the calls that come into your business and being able to catalogue them effectively means that you have access to a wealth of relevant and useful information. You always want to be as proactive as possible but if you can improve your reactions with call recording software it’s surely wise to do so.

How to improve your reactions with call recording software

  • Compile important product information – If your call centre takes calls that deal with complaints or issues it’s likely that you will glean information about a problem with a product at the earliest possible moment. If it’s a complex issue it’s good to have the recording at hand to go through in more detail and at a pace that means nothing is missed.
  • Change a customer’s mind – By revisiting calls where a customer may have decided to cancel an order or close their account, you can get a feel for the reasons that make someone want to do this. This means that in future you can pre-empt such problems and have call centre operators ready to deal with this proactively rather then reactively.
  • Make sure things are being done correctly – If orders are being taken by call centre operators, there are a number of regulations that need to be met. It’s always good to be able to ensure that standards are being kept and the correct procedure adhered to.
  • Verify consent and improve sales conversation rates – If there’s ever a question over whether consent was given for an order or sale, it’s easy to check with call recording software. He said/She said disputes are generally eradicated altogether and all other details can be verified easily. You can also share particularly successful calls with other members of the team, hopefully giving them an insight on how to turn a challenging situation into a winning one, improving sales conversation rates as you go!
  • Get information on the competition – Customers love to tell you what a great deal they can get elsewhere. This is really important information as it can help you with your marketing campaigns in the future and give call centre staff information on how to deal with specific calls when they come in.

A cost effective tool to help you work smarter

Learning how to improve your reactions with call recording software can go a long way to streamlining the way you do business on a continual basis. It can offer ways for you to be proactive in areas where previously you were reactive, and help you to monitor performance as you go along. The fact is that call recording software is extremely cost effective; once you take the plunge you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it.

If you’d like to find out more about call recording or call logging software please don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’d be happy to tell you everything we know – which happens to be rather a lot! Drop us a line on 0333 0022 440, or contact us. We’re here ready to help.

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