How to solve call quality issues using call recording

How to solve call quality issues using call recording

If you’re receiving complaints from customers about the quality of your call interactions, it’s something to be dealt with quickly. One of the best options is to solve call quality issues using call recording software.

The quest for quality

Without the right tools, ensuring quality from you telephone engagements can be a tricky process. You may have a good training programme in place and provide excellent guidelines for staff, but how do you monitor how effective these have been in the real world?

The importance of ensuring quality is essential to your success as a company. In many cases the staff answering calls are the first point of contact for your business and lasting impressions are most definitely formed at this point.

The quest for quality is one that should not be underestimated or dismissed; failure to address the issue could prove to be a serious case of false economy.

Does more than it says on the tin

Call recording software doesn’t simply provide you with a recording of a phone conversation. It offers a shot at quality assurance, a training tool and a way to ensure that your business is complying with regulations correctly.

The benefits of call recording software are plain to see and exist to promote improvement and assistance. Employees know that higher standards are being targeted and it helps to encourage quality and care.

When complaints are received you can access the root of the problem quicker and easier, proving beyond doubt that the best option is to solve call quality issues using call recording software.

Working on call quality

How do you currently find evidence whether or not a call is of high quality? With call recording software you listen back to the exact, entire conversation and determine instantly where the problem lies.

Training issues can be identified and a plan put in place to deal with them. If important messages are being missed perhaps a script or checklist might help? It might be that some of the information being offered is incorrect and sails dangerously close to contravening regulations.

Just as importantly it presents a chance to highlight the great things someone is doing and to offer praise and encouragement.

Good quality, balanced reviews of a person’s work are a great way to instill confidence and belief into an individual as well as building an affinity and pride in their place of work.

A perfect solution

So, what better solution than to solve call quality issues using call recording? With the Telestat 7 Call Recording system from Lanonyx you get all the functionality you need. The software is very straightforward to install, we can even do this remotely for you if you wish. We can also provide training to ensure you get the full range of benefits available from the system.

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