Call Logging and Call Recording software

Call Logging and Call Recording software: resolving client disputes and encourage staff compliance

Call Logging and Call Recording software

Call Logging and Call Recording software – Why do I need that? what a waste of money!” If we had a pound for every time we’d heard this statement we’d be very rich indeed. The truth is, though, that every company could benefit from such Call Logging and Call Recording software, not least because of its ability to resolve disputes and encourage staff compliance. Isn’t your company, your livelihood, worth that investment alone?

Instant access to a database of calls

The main, and perhaps best, feature of Call Logging and Call Recording software is the expansive database of calls that it allows its users to instantly access. Regardless of when a call was made, and to, or by, whom, its details will be stored should an issue ever arise. Additionally call information can be organised and searched in any number of ways, including date or telephone number, ensuring that no details are ever irretrievable for long. So, how does this solve, or even avoid, disputes? Imagine a client, or staff member has raised an issue that occurred during a telephone conversation; all you need to do is access your logged calls in order to better understand the situation. Call logging software also makes it easy to trace communications made from, and to, the same number on multiple occasions, which can be used in relation to alleged harassment. Call logging software will protect your staff members, and business’s interests, more than you can imagine.

“Calls will be recorded for training and monitoring purposes”

It sounds simple, but announcing that communications will be recorded at the very start of every phone call is highly likely to encourage compliance and co-operation from both parties; well, we tend to behave ourselves when we know we’re being watched, don’t we?! Almost all business phone calls can be recorded and logged these days, but that simple reminder at the beginning of ever chat, however informal, is perhaps the nudge that certain clients, or even staff members, need in order to behave themselves. Additionally, companies that monitor and record their calls MUST alert those whom are accessing their services, for compliance purposes.

About those training purposes…

Of course, the other element of that statement is equally helpful to businesses and their staff; Call Logging and Call Recording software is incredibly useful when it comes to training new team members, enabling them to hear how things should, and often shouldn’t, be handled. Recorded and logged calls can also be used during disciplinary action, as a means of helping team members to improve and develop their conduct, and to encourage compliance. In short, any company that relies upon telephone communication in any corner of its business should be able to log, and access, its telephone calls. Are you?


Above all Call Logging and Call Recording software will reassure clients and staff members that their best interests are being taken into account; clients will feel that they are being listened to and understood, and staff members will feel as though their professional integrity, and personal development, is being supported. Many businesses rely on taking payments over the phone. Recording and logging such transactions will protect companies from accusations of poor conduct and fraud, as well as giving clients extra confidence in a company’s capabilities.

There are, of course, numerous benefits to Call Logging and Call Recording software, but often the most simple are glossed over. In this ever-litigious world, in which even the smallest discrepancies are ripe for complaint and compensation, it has never been more important to protect your business and staff members, as well as the clients that trust your products and services.

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