Bonfire night

How can call logging and recording software help your business to run with a bang this Bonfire Night?

As everyone prepares to celebrate Bonfire Night this 5th November listen out for the pops, fizzes, and whistles hanging in the air; no, not the fireworks happening in the skies all around you, but the sounds of your business taking off with a bang. You see, as Christmas approaches and you race to fulfill orders or process customers’ details it’s so easy to fall behind, and to lose your sparkle; you’ll catch up in the New Year, right? However, your existing clients, and those seeking you out for the first time have chosen your company for the level of service your provide, and the quality of your product. Don’t allow the chaos of Christmas to dull your shine – introducing call logging and recording software, which is going to propel your business into the sky, and beyond.

Handle calls and data with ease and confidence

Call logging software is a great way to handle your business’s communication, and to keep track of who’s calling, how long they spent on hold, and how their conversation was resolved. Was the sales advisor able to convert that first contact into cash? Was a dispute settled amicably? Most importantly, call logging ensures that you have a record of every contact, including important details that you may need to return to later. How many calls have you missed today? It’s so, so easy to forget to call these numbers back, particularly if you’re not keeping a close eye on them; our call logging software won’t give you that choice, and will capture more data that you may have had access to before. Zoom; that’s the sound of your reputation for clear, consistent contact rocketing before you.

Improve your company’s customer service record

Call recording software is a handy piece of kit to have if you’re hoping to improve your customer service experience, or maintain your high standards throughout the busier winter months; whether you’ve got new staff to train or existing team members to gently nudge, our software can ensure everyone is on the same page. With call recording software you can easily record exemplary team members to use as a model during training, provide evidence of the times when employees aren’t quite hitting the mark, or listen in to phone calls to be sure that everyone is doing as you’re hoping; however you use call recording software, you’ll soon recapture that fizz.

Set a fire beneath your employees

Nothing sets a fire beneath employees quite like a little friendly competition, which can be achieved with the use of leader boards; operating any number of customisable screens, our leader boards will enable you to see how your office floor is working, which team member is taking the most calls, and how many conversions your employees have made during any given period. Would you be able to tell how much money your sales floor had taken in the last minutes using your existing technology? Could you monitor the progress and productivity of every team member without searching through reams of data? With a leader board you could do all of this and more, as well as monitoring key statistics pertaining to each phone call; it’s never been easier to keep watch over so many threads before.

As the autumn evening skies dance with fireworks and the flames from bonfire night celebrations around the country, ensure your business is keeping up with the competition; our call logging and recording software can set you apart – and ablaze. Go on, it’s your time to shine as brightly as a Catherine Wheel in a sea of sparklers.

We love it when a plan comes together. To find out how we can help your business to operate with a bang, and to discover the secrets behind lighting bonfires underneath your entire workforce, please give us a call on 0333 0022 440, or email Your company will be setting the sky ablaze, bonfire night style, in no time at all.

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