Hotel and Leisure Industries: Call recording and logging benefits

The hotel and leisure industries are two of the biggest, and most important industries in the UK. Well, it’s no mean feat keeping millions of Brits, and countless tourists, happy and entertained, now is it? You need to be at the top of your game at all times – we get that. Although we’re no good at turning down beds, and have very few qualifications useful for the tourism industry we CAN provide you with two bits of kit that are likely to make your life, and your business, run more smoothly.

 You can find out more about our call logging and call recording software elsewhere on this site. In the meantime, allow us to introduce a few of the software’s benefits to you. You see, call recording and logging can be useful for…

Keeping track of bookings

Keeping track of bookings can be particularly difficult during high season. When you’ve handled numerous calls asking the same questions it’s easy to lose track of time – and the information you’ve doled out. The ability to record calls will ensure you’ve easy, convenient access to every one of your bookings should you need to confirm details. What’s more, your customers’ data will be stored securely, too. Call logging software is another means of recording valuable data, vastly improving your customer service abilities.

Call management and control

Do you want to know how many calls you received last quarter, and how many of those were missed? Call logging software can help hotel and leisure managers monitor received calls on any given day, providing a real insight into the traffic you’re receiving and how well those calls are being managed. Do you need more staff members at particular times of day? Are you losing sales because customers ring off before you’ve answered? Our leaderboard will enable you to see everything that’s happening in real time, converting every call into an opportunity. What’s more, you’ll be able to view all call details, ensuring lost calls can be returned – and the sale recovered.

Complaint handling and dispute resolution

We Brits are somewhat touchy when it comes to our leisure and relaxation time, and so it’s little wonder that we’re prone to complaining about everything from dinner service to the colour of our bed sheets. With the introduction of social media comes a new way for customers to complain about their experiences. It’s vital, then, that you’re taking every step to ensure disputes are resolved before it gets to that stage. Call recording can provide vital evidence of transactions, disclaimers, and customer interactions should disputes reach that point. Anything is better than ‘he said, she said’, we believe. What’s more, you may find that a simple declaration that calls are being recorded is enough to calm the savage beast.

Training and customer services purpose

You don’t have to own the Ritz to want to make a good first impression. Staff training is likely to be an integral part of your business, ensuring that all team members are up to scratch before they face the public. Call recording software can ensure you achieve such a feat. There are few better ways to illustrate your expectations of new team members than by playing them good and bad examples of telephone conduct. Such a procedure is useful for employees under review, too.

Call recording and logging software can be used across the hotel and leisure industries, providing a valuable backup for busy representatives and overloaded databases. Our software can help your business monitor its customer traffic, store valuable data that pertains to each transaction, and train employees to be the best that they can be. You simply need to ensure that your company is fulfilling its promises, and services. What could be simpler?

Oh, and while we might not be any good at running a hotel, we CAN make a mean cup of tea, so be sure to ask for one of those if you’re popping in!

To find out more about our logging and recording software please drop us a line. We’d be more than happy to match our software to your business’s needs. Please call 0333 0022 440, or email

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