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Helping to provide quality care in nursing homes

The health and social care sector in the UK is facing many challenges. The provision of quality care in nursing homes up and down the country is under threat from demands to meet efficiency saving targets whilst striving to address the needs of an ageing population.

The issues are clear for all to see. Projections suggest that the population will comprise more people over the age of 65 than ever before in the coming decades, meanwhile the available workforce is diminishing, forcing the demands on existing resources almost to breaking point.

Maintaining values

You might be forgiven for thinking that the last thing on the minds of care home owners and organisations would be phone technology, but, there are many ways in which a new system could help.

Organisationally, with cuts to staff inevitable, having the ability to better manage the flow of calls into the building means that resources can be utilised more effectively. This in turn can help care homes to save money and lessen the impact of enforced cost cutting.

Given the nature of the business, care home staff need to incorporate many values. They must display humanity, honesty, respect and integrity whilst also maintaining a real clarity of purpose. It’s essential that these qualities are evident both in face-to-face situations and on the phone. Call recording technology allows for training issues to be easily identified and subsequently addressed.

Call recording also offers opportunity to check on advice or information given, providing an important record should this need to be checked. The knowledge that calls are being recorded can decrease numbers of abusive interactions, situations that can be time consuming an distressing for all involved.

Informing important decisions

Care home managers need to be highly skilled individuals, often with very difficult decisions to make. Having the confidence to make such decisions is vitally important, so having as much information available as possible has to be an advantage. Lanonyx systems can offer the ability for a wide range of useful data to be captured and analysed. Accountability for managers in the care home environment is essential, the more information available, the better it is for everyone.

Ultimately, adopting call logging and recording software not only impacts positively on productivity but it also provides protection for both workers and patients. In an environment where it might sometimes be necessary to offer proof of professionalism and standards being adhered to, such a tool is invaluable.

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