Healthcare Industry: Call recording and logging benefits

Healthcare Industry: Call recording and logging benefits

The healthcare industry is one that’s frequently in the media, and not everything that’s being said is positive. We’ll be honest; call recording and logging equipment won’t revolutionise the way that the NHS is being run, or improve private services. However, we can assist with costing, patient management, and data handling. Take a look, you might be surprised…

Call recording and logging can be useful for…

Better call management

It’s common for phone to ring off the hook at busy medical practices, and even in hospital departments. Call logging software will give you a better idea of volume, times, and frequency, ensuring you’re better prepared to receive the level of calls that you do. While you may not be able to return every missed call due to staffing issues or resources, you should be able to improve upon your targets, or highlight issues to your superiors. What’s more, the ability to see who has called and when will offer a greater insight into your callers’ habits. There’s nothing quite like being prepared when it comes to software feedback and training.

Recording data accurately and conveniently

Whether you work in a pharmacy, a hospital, or a general practice, there’s a chance you receive a barrage of information each day. From patient details and drug uses, to equipment orders and referrals, the healthcare industry is one of the most daunting for anyone taking to the phones. Perhaps the best way to reassure and safeguard your employees is to install call recording software. This kind of technology will document every call that’s made or received by your line, instantly capturing important data to be used as and when it’s required. Can you really put a price on such efficiency?

Data protection and compliance

As you’d expect in an industry as sensitive as healthcare the handling of data is incredibly important; you must be seen to be compliant at every turn, whether you’re processing an order for medication, or booking appointments. Our call recording equipment will ensure that your representatives are handling calls adequately, and that information is being stored correctly. Remaining compliant is integral. Could you say, with all honesty, that your policies are up to date?

Training and quality purposes

How many times have you phoned your own GP, only to receive a warning that your call is recorded for training purposes? Medical receptionists get an incredibly bad press, but thing needn’t accelerate to this point in your own line of work. Call recording can be used to demonstrate exceptional levels of customer service, as well as pinpointing moments when a team member may have got things wrong. Such information can then be used to train and improve, rather than to shame the offending employee.

Protection against liability

At a time when the media is filled with stories about hospital malpractice suits and medical negligence it has never been more important to ensure that clear, concise information is being given, and received during telephone communications. Should a query, or dispute arise you’ll be able to report with confidence that your representative did and said everything that was expected – or pick up an error immediately. Common concerns include details pertaining to medication, referrals and discharges, and medical advice that’s offered to patients prior to them being seen by their own GP. Prevent issues further down the line by recording your calls today.

Cutting costs, not corners

You’ll know better than most how restrictive budget cuts can be, whether you work in an NHS establishment or for a private organisation. You’ve no doubt become accustomed to watching the pennies, in fact. Call logging software can be useful when it comes to monitoring call costs, ensuring you’re making the most of your provider and the packages it’s offering. What’s more, call logging software can help you to identify the most costly numbers, and pinpoint the personal calls that are costing your business money.

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