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Team building: Motivate and inspire your people for greater results

How to create a winning team 

Team building can be one of the toughest things to do in business, particularly if you’re attempting to bring a group of people together who are effectively strangers. Whether it be trying to gel a team together on a project, breaking the ice at a training day or starting anew team from scratch, the best solution might be to have a little fun and instigate some activities that force the group to interact with each other.

Ice breaker games can be ideal for encouraging team building interaction and can be derived from numerous well known party games. Some games don’t work well in more formal settings and there are plenty that are just simply inappropriate but, here are some suggestions for activities that can help groups of people interact, get along and feel more comfortable in each other’s company.

  • Marooned – Ask people “if you were marooned on a deserted island, which three people would you want there with you?” Ask them to share their choices with the group, and their reasons why.
  • True/false run – Stick a piece of paper on one wall with “true” written on it. On the opposite wall stick a “false” notice. Have everyone gather in the middle and one person read a statement. The other players need to move to either side of the room, depending on whether they believe it is true or false. Eliminate people who choose the wrong side until there’s one winner.
  • Two truths and a lie – Each person thinks up three statements about themselves (the stranger the better), and one of those statements must be false. The other people in the room need to guess which of those statements is false.
  • Year of the coin – Pick a coin up from somewhere and see the year it was made. Then each person needs to recount one memorable thing they did in that year.
  • Photo scavenger hunt – Give everyone a list of things they need to take photos of, and then send them out in groups of three to five to find those objects and take photos of them. The weirder the object, the better. Because everyone has a smartphone these days, this game is very easy to organise. This is a longer game which may work better at a retreat or conference.
  • Who done it – Pass out blank cards and ask each person to write one interesting, weird, or silly thing they have done on the card. Then collect the cards and read them out one at a time. The room needs to guess who might have done what is written on each card.
  • 2-Minute Mixer – No, it’s not speed dating. Have each person in the group go up to someone and speak to them for two minutes, before ringing a bell and telling them to introduce themselves to someone different. The only rule is you can’t speak to the same person twice!
  • Where In The World – Each individual needs to think of three clues that describe, but doesn’t give away, either the country that they’re from, or their favourite foreign place in the world. The rest of the group needs to guess where they are describing.

It’s important to make groups of people feel at ease with each other quickly especially if they’re likely to be working together for a period of time. Although these types of games might not have any direct relevance to the work they’ll be doing they will certainly help to break the ice and aid team building.

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