recording your business’s inbound and outbound calls

Recording your business’s inbound and outbound calls? Five reasons why you should be!

Recording your business’s inbound and outbound calls

Whether it’s monitoring emails, keeping track of the calls we make and receive, or simply maintaining our in and out trays, call recording and call logging for your inbound and outbound calls is absolutely vital to business; how else would you know what had been said, promised, or agreed during the course of any one working week, or ensure your staff were adhering to their training

Business thrives on communication, and is pretty ineffective without it. So, how are you going to ensure that you’re making the most of the everyday? One solution is to install call recording software, which will enable you to record inbound and outbound calls, store them for future reference, compile call transcripts, and search a seemingly endless database for key words and conversations held on particular days.

If you’re still not convinced, here are just five reasons why you may want to consider call recording software…

1. The old adage; “For quality and training purposes”

How many times have you listened to a pre-recorded message prior to getting through to an actual, live, person, and heard the words, “this call may be recorded for quality and training purposes”? Not only is this phrase fulfilling legalities (by ensuring that you know you’re being recorded), it’s also telling you WHY you should be doing the very same thing. Recording your business’s inbound and outbound calls enables you to monitor the quality of your company’s communication, ensuring it’s consistent, as well as providing opportunities for new hires to be sufficiently trained.

2. To settle disputes

While nobody wants to tempt fate, it’s essential to be prepared for disputes or complaints; how else can you verify what’s been said, where the issue lies, and how quickly resolutions are being actioned? Call recording software will increase your business’s dispute resolution capabilities, help you to handle complaints more thoroughly, and ensure your employees learn from any mistakes that have been made.

3. As a means to record data and important details

Regardless of how organised you think you are, we all have those days when there are no bits of paper, or pens, to hand – how do you go about recording any important details that are distributed by phone call then? By simply installing call recording software you’re halfway to solving this issue; imagine being able to access a vast, searchable, database, quickly finding the details that you need by date, or keyword.

4. In order to improve your compliance record

No matter how well you think your employees are trained it is always useful to be able to monitor your company’s compliance record; are all legalities being fulfilled? Have staff members been remembering important details during every call? Monitoring your company’s compliance is the best way to avoid miscommunication and disputes.

5. To increase productivity and performance

Recording your business’s inbound and outbound calls during 2017 will prove invaluable, no matter what industry you’re dealing with. After all, we’re in the business of innovation, and can help you to increase your performance, productivity and complaint procedure, as well improving compliance. Can you afford to let those business calls simply vanish into thin air? Simply by improving compliance, providing a better level of training to new hires, and introducing a database of calls, you will increase your workforce’s productivity and performance. Perfect.

If you’d like to investigate the benefits of call logging and call recording software, or dive straight into getting everything sorted, please do give us a call on 0333 0022 440, or contact us. Our team is happy to answer any further queries you may have


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