Financial Sector: Call Recording and Logging Benefits

Whether you work for an independent accountancy firm or a major bank, there can be little denying the benefits of call recording to the financial sector. From security and compliance to keeping a track of your customers’ information, our software can ensure you’re operating at full speed on any given day. How you manage your business is up to you, but allow call recording and logging software to offer a helping hand.

Call recording and logging will…

Keep a track of callers

Call logging software will ensure you’re managing calls efficiently, providing the very best level of care and concern to your clients. Our call logging technology will document the number of calls you’ve received during any particular period, as well as tracking where those calls came from, how long they lasted, and whether any follow-up is required. This means you can be better prepared for peak periods. In addition, such software can be used to trace missed and lost calls; by returning them as and when you’re available, you’ll regain leads that may otherwise have gone elsewhere.

Help your business to remain compliant

Compliance is a big deal in the financial sector. The Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates your industry, requires all firms to record their calls, providing an audit of conversations, transactions, and client data. By installing call recording and logging software you can be assured that your business is operating within the limits of the law, as well as providing records for your own consumption. What’s more the software can be stopped or paused at any time, giving your clients privacy when sensitive data is being handled.

Improve your ability to serve your customers

Your customers trust you with their most personal details, including financial records and banking information. It’s not unreasonable for them to expect a professional service in return for that loyalty. Call recording is a fantastic way to ensure that employees are adhering to your codes of conduct, and to immediately act wherever and whenever improvement is needed. Recorded calls will become a valuable part of your training, too; good and bad examples can be used to illustrate your expectations to new starters.

Improve complaint and dispute handling

Call recording will limit your business’s liability by providing detailed documentation of your interactions with clients; it would do little good for a client to complain about a product or service if you have a recording of the transaction to hand. Should a complaint be made you’ll have all of the evidence you need to eliminate the dispute, or to hurry valid claims towards a satisfactory conclusion. Call recording brings about a swift resolution to matters of ‘he said, she said’, which can occur frequently when you’re managing a person’s finances.

Increase security

Often the mere mention of call recording is enough to put off potential fraudsters; would you want your voice recorded as evidence if you knew you were up to no good? The security provided by call recording goes much deeper than this though. Indeed, it can help to prevent unauthorised disclosures of information, and trace security breaches back to the source. We understand how important your client’s data is, and how thoroughly you’d protect it if you could; worry no longer, and invest in a piece of kit that’s likely to save you countless hours of concern.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our knowledgeable team will be happy to talk through the many benefits of call logging and recording, putting your mind at rest. We’re also able to offer a free trial of any of our products, enabling you to experience the benefits before making any longer commitments. What have you got to lose?

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