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Financial benefits of call logging of call logging and recording software

Financial benefits of call logging and call recording software

It’s estimated that users of call logging software can save up to 15% on their bills almost immediately. These days that’s a fair amount to be able to plough into other areas of your business. If the figures sound good, but you’re not sure where those savings are going to come from, allow us to reassure you; the financial benefits of call recording and logging software won’t ever mean cutting cost equals cutting corners with Telestat 7’s software.

So, how can call logging and recording software improve your business’s financial position?

The software that works for you

Logging and recording software provides call management and cost control for your business. The service includes inbound and outbound call reports, which can be used to create detailed analysis and costing reports, and monitor your sales staff. Not only will you see how much you’re spending on calls, but you’ll also be able to monitor conversion rates, the details of all contacts, and who is working the most effectively. Call recording, which works as a perfect complement to call logging software, will enable to you conduct more proficient training in the meantime. Oh, and did we mention that outgoing calls to unnecessary numbers, such as overseas dialing codes, could be barred? Our service is competitively priced, and will assist your business in running more efficiently, and with increased productivity.

Customer loyalty

Research carried out by BT found that a staggering 85% of customers would not bother calling back if their first attempt to reach you went unanswered. 75% of potential customers, meanwhile, feel uncomfortable leaving a voicemail message. We’ve discussed, at length, how costly missed calls can be for businesses, but the statistics really bring that home. Can you afford to let that many customers slip through your net? Call logging software will ensure that every customer is captured on your system, regardless of whether they hold on or not. The data in each report will enable you to call all customers back, and to make a sale where an opportunity may otherwise have been lost. In the same study BT noted that customers are 14 times more likely to respond to an inbound call than a web lead. That’s profit you risk losing out on.

Saving money

The financial benefits of call logging and recording software comes with numerous features that are designed to save you money, including itemised billing. Rather than attempting to work out where you’ve spent this month’s money, an itemised bill will show you in black and white. Where are you spending too much? How could you cut down? Now you’ll be able to track unnecessary spending, and allocate costs to employees who may be using the phone for personal calls. The installation of this software is quick and easy, and competitively priced in terms of operational costs. It will also negate the need for additional traffic management software, since it will do both jobs for you. Finally, you can use call logging software to analyse the figures and work out which campaigns are proving your most successful. Is there somewhere else you should be focusing your time and talents in order to maximise your profits?

What if…

Of course, these financial benefits of call logging and recording software don’t include the ‘what ifs’ that could also be resolved by such technology. Take customer disputes, for example. It’s now required for all financial and insurance businesses to record their calls in order to fulfill compliance laws. As well as being legality, it’s also a really good idea for you to implement call recording as a security measure. We’ve seen too many businesses lose out because they’ve been unable to counter a dispute using a telephone recording. So much of dispute handling relies on ‘he said, she said’ these days; few businesses can afford not to have call recording software. Is it really worth the risk?

Call logging and recording software won’t just benefit your business, but also its employees, your contacts, and your customers. Morale, productivity, and efficiency will be improved. Your customers can be reassured that you’re putting everything that you can into you company, and their interests. Associates and suppliers will know that every deal they make has been taken care of with all of the technology available to you. More than that, call logging and recording software will allow you to plough your profits back into your business; wherever you save money, you’ll be able to hone your skills and services elsewhere. Choosing call logging and recording software will help you to make the most of your business in every way, and save you a pound or too while you’re at it.

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