Estate Agents: Call recording and logging benefits

Call recording and logging benefits for estate agents

As part of our industry-specific series we’d like to take a moment to introduce estate agents to the benefits of call logging and recording software. As you’ll find out, our software will be able to assist your business in numerous ways…

Capturing data and details

Okay, so what was that postcode again? What rates had your landlord agreed? Was there a particular time when visiting was out of the question? As an estate agent you’ll be used to handling a barrage of information. Wouldn’t it be useful to have all of those details stored on a database, rather than having to remember them? With call recording you’ll have quick and easy access to all of your phone calls, and the information stored within them. You’ll never have to worry about juggling a phone and a notepad and pen again – and your customers are sure to notice your increased attentiveness.

Improved training opportunities

It’s essential for estate agents to maintain excellent communication skills. The majority of your time will be spent dealing with landlords, tenants, vendors, and homeowners, and so it’s essential that your team members know what’s expected of them. By recording your calls you’ll have the pick of the crop, good and bad, to make your expectancies known. What would you consider good customer service? Where did the agent require improvement? Asking your new starters to identify the positives and negatives of these conversations should stand them in good stead. Consider using call recording as an incentive for existing team members too. We can all afford to up our games when it comes to customer service.

The minimisation of disputes

Tensions have a habit of running high when it comes to property, particularly if you’re acting as a liaison between landlords and their tenants. From requests for repairs to chasing references, the conversations that you a party to should be documented carefully. The alternative is that you operate your business on the basis of ‘he said, she said’, which has never done anyone any good before. Call recording is a vital part of compliance, ensuring that your customers’ and clients’ details are kept safe and secure. Besides, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you’ve got all the evidence you need should issues arise?

The capture of lost calls

It doesn’t matter how big your office or how many employees you have, you’re bound to miss one or two calls each day. Isn’t that the nature of being busy? As an estate agent you’re no doubt used to flitting in and out of the office to attend to viewings and meetings. Does it really matter if you miss the odd call? They’ll ring back, won’t they? Missed calls are the bane of many businesses, and the simple truth is that they do matter. Estate agency is a competitive business; if you’re not capturing those calls, who is? Our call logging software will capture the details of every caller attempting to reach you, as well as the numbers you dial. Lost calls will be logged with a number, date, and time, ensuring you can call back and retain those leads.

There are numerous reasons why your estate agency business may choose to invest in call logging and recording software, including those listed above. The world you inhabit is a cutthroat and competitive one, and it’s going to take all of the resources in your arsenal to stay on top. Can you really afford to pass this opportunity by?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our call logging and recording software please do contact us. We happen to know quite a lot about our subject, and look forward to assisting you. Call us on 0333 0022 440.

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