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Driving your company’s competitive spirit: Our call logging software takes the lead

How our Call Logging software can drive your company’s competitive Spirit:

Time and time again businesses find themselves facing the same challenge. How do you keep employees motivated and productivity consistent? While we all need a magic wand that has the power to rejuvenate team members and drive up sales there is an easier, and more efficient way, to take control. Have you considered the benefits of a little competitive spirit?

Telestat 7’s Leaderboard: We have the technology

Introducing the Telestat 7 Leaderboard, which operates alongside your Call Logging Software to increase productivity and encourage healthy competition. Within moments of making or receiving a telephone call live data appears on the leaderboard, displaying it for all to see. From employees’ names, sales targets, and conversions, to sales percentages and amounts, the figures that your department values are highlighted across five customisable columns.

Access to such data is important for departmental managers and business owners. It can also be useful for employees to see how they’re performing, and to compare their achievements with those of their colleagues. Who’s coming out on top? Who could do with converting a few more leads? How is the department fairing as a whole? The leaderboard will answer these questions and more, while introducing a little friendly competition.

The leaderboard can…

Encourage a healthy competitive attitude

There’s nowhere to hide when leaderboard data appears on a large, wall-mounted monitor. Employees will be able to see how their colleagues are performing, and what they must do to catch up. Such tactics will motivate those who are excelling to keep up the good work, and inspire those falling behind to try a little harder.

Engage employees and keep them on track

Our leaderboard engages employees, making sure they’re aware of targets and what’s expected of them. Employees that are able to engage with their targets are more likely to fulfill them. Those without access to real time figures, however, will usually continue at a pace they’re used to, without urgency. As the leaderboard displays calls and sales as they occur, employees are more inclined to take notice.

Boost morale as sales soar

As a manager you know there’s nothing as rewarding as watching those sales figures soar. We’re betting that your employees feel the same way, and would actually appreciate watching as their hard work makes a difference. Since it displays real time figures, our leaderboard will update your team members as and when they make a sale – boosting morale in the process.

Provide employees with an incentive to work harder

In the same was as rising figures inspire joy, faltering figures could motivate workers to try a little harder. Very few team members will want to look on as call after call fails to achieve a sale. Far from shaming them, our leaderboard can provide employees with an incentive to work harder, and to push through various lulls. 

Inspire new starters to join in the competition

Starting a new sales job can be a daunting experience. Although you may have explained targets and expectations, it’s very difficult to join an established team. In this case the leaderboard’s role is to inform new starters of how the department operates. From the number of leads they should be converting, to the employees they need to beat, the leaderboard will show new starters all they need to know.

The fact that the leaderboard is customisable is a huge bonus to businesses everywhere. It doesn’t matter how many members of staff you have, or which figures you need to keep an eye on, all aspects of your office’s call log are monitored with ease. Please do contact us or give us a call on 0333 0022 440 if you would like further information regarding how this innovation can drive competitive spirit. We can’t wait to see how a little competitive spirit could improve your business’s productivity.

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