Do you need a New Year lift? Learn how to make the most of a business telephony system

Whether you’re in the process of deciding upon your business’s new telephony system, have a few favourites to choose between, or are ready to install your new software, we’d like to explore some of the ways you could, and should, be using such technology to your business’s advantage. Do you know the questions you should be asking your new provider? Have you any idea what each feature of the software can do? Can you even comprehend the abilities of your new business telephony system? Read on…

1. Understand your business’s goals this year

What do you want to achieve this year? It’s really that simple. After all, you can’t choose a business telephony system, or even investigate such a matter, until you know what requirements you have. Perhaps you’re hoping to expand your business, establish offices in faraway towns or countries, or connect with a whole range of new clients; whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve, your business telephony system has to be able to keep up.

2. Select the right supplier

The very best way to make the most of a business telephony supplier is to decide upon the right kind of software, and supplier, for your business. Choosing the right system is absolutely vital to your business’s operations this year, as you will need to work closely with your new technology, and its provider. Use the company’s knowledge and skills, and draw upon their experiences to enhance your own.

3. Train your staff, and use their skills to your advantage

Your staff members are your business’s best assets, so use their skills to your advantage. If you have a particular team of tech-heads be sure to introduce them to your new means of communication, train them in every feature, and listen to their advice. In order to make the most of a business telephony system you must be using it wisely, pushing it as far as it can go, but also working out where it falls short. A team of experts within your company will be able to analyse such performance quirks and pitfalls.

4. Take your time

How can you expect to make the most of a new business telephony system if you’re not prepared to familiarise yourself with its ins and outs? Take your time to get to know everything there is to know about your new software, including reading every piece of literature carefully; listen to what your new system can do for you, and it will answer your queries in time.

5. Listen to feedback

If there’s an element of your old system that your team particularly liked, or a query they’d like to be addressed, all it takes is a moment to listen. Make sure that each member of your staff is on board before you sign up to a new business telephony system, ensure any concerns are raised and quelled, and communicate clearly. Similarly, if you have recently installed a new system and would like to know how it’s performing, be prepared to listen to those that use it on a daily basis.


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