Do I really need a call recorder?

Do I really need a call recorder?

If we wanted to keep this article short and sweet we could reply with a simple, “yes”. However, we’re required to elaborate on that answer – however true it is. You see, we believe in our software, and its inherent benefits. Call recorders have advantages for businesses of every size and kind, and could help your business to run more efficiently and productively. What’s more, our call recording software could save you money, and help you to increase your income.

If you’re interested in learning more, imagine your answers to the following questions…

Do you want to improve the quality of your call handling?

Call recording software will enable you to listen to every conversation, good and bad. You will quickly be able to tell who is putting all of their effort into every call, and who lacks conviction. Call recordings are useful during appraisals and disciplinary hearings, and whenever you’ve received a shaky report. Put simply, the software will ensure the capabilities of your team members.

Do you want all new members of staff to hit the ground running?

Crib sheets and scripts are all very well, but do you have any practical training aids? Do your new starters know what to expect when they hit the call centre floor, or answer their first telephone? Call recording software is an excellent training companion, and will let new team members know exactly what you expect from them during those earliest days.

Do you want to resolve disputes before they escalate?

Business is business. Regardless of how accommodating you try to be there will always be someone who feels let down, or put upon. Call recording software is a great tool against false allegations. It can remind everyone involved of who said what, and becomes useful evidence if a case is ever taken any further. Outlaw ‘he said, she said’ with the click of a button.

Do you want to capture every last detail or scrap of data?

Your representatives work hard, but they’re only human. It can be difficult to capture data when it’s hurled at 80-miles an hour. Call recording software ensures you have all of the information that you need. Listened to time and time again, these recordings will form the backbone of your business – and a hub of returning leads.

Do you want to improve your company’s compliance?

Compliance is big news these days, but it’s so easy to get it all wrong. Your call recorder will ensure that every last inch of protocol is being followed, and that your team knows what to say for every occasion. Can you afford for them to get it wrong.

Do you want to enhance your customers’ experiences with you?

Your customers’ experience is everything. It determines how they feel after they finish their call, and the likelihood of them returning to you in the future. Listen in to those interactions. What impresses your customers? What could be improved? Read between the lines to deliver the best customer experience you can muster.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you need a call recorder. You know it makes sense for your business. Let us put it this way. Can you really afford to carry on as you are? Could you see your company expanding at such a fast rate of knots without call recording software? The chances are you’ve answered ‘no’, whether consciously or subconsciously. Go on, make that call.

Do you wish to listen to live calls?

If so read this blog as well.

If you’re convinced, then please do contact us to find out more. We want to make your experiences with call recording as smooth and satisfying as we possibly can. For this reason we offer all new customers a free trial of our software, as well as dedicated support any time you need us. We really couldn’t make it any easier for you!

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