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Care Homes: Are you taking advantage of Call Logging and Call Recording systems?

Call recording and care homes: What is the role of call recording and call logging in the care profession?

We’re quick to extol the virtues of our software across a range of businesses and industries, but did you know that Call Logging and Call Recording software could make a big difference to care homes and nursing facilities? At a time when the standard of care offered by such centres is under particular scrutiny, our software can inform, guide and reassure. As many centres face budget cuts and criticism, clear communication has never been more important.

Manage calls and staff efficiency

Staff allocation and effective resource management relies upon clear communication, and supervisors taking the time to assess situations as they develop. Take your phone lines for example. Is there a particular time of day when your phone lines are busiest? How many calls are you receiving each day? How are communications managed? If your phone line is always busy and you’re leaving relatives’ calls unanswered, it’s safe to say you have a problem. Call logging equipment can help owners to identify issues, and to control the flow of calls in and out of a centre. When resources are stretched to breaking point, it’s essential that they’re managed properly.

Assist training and disciplinary action

It’s important that new team members know how to address relatives over the phone and in person. Indeed, such contact forms the backbone of any care establishment. The ability to record calls, therefore, is an important part of staff training. After all, it’s far easier to demonstrate appropriate conduct than to explain it. Call recording software can also prove its worth during disciplinary procedures, and any associated retraining. Care homes, nursing facilities, and respite centres face constant stress. It is imperative that managers conduct staff training in a clear and concise manner.

Provide a record of medical information or advice given

Care home staff members face complicated medical terms and directions on a daily basis. It can be a lot to take in, regardless of how long a person has worked in the profession. Call recording software will provide instant access to every conversation that takes place. This will ensure that important, potentially life-saving details are never lost or misunderstood. The ability to review calls can reassure team members in an instant, or provide evidence should a resident’s care fall into question.

Protect staff members from abuse

The care of an elderly or infirm relative is often an emotionally charged situation. Hearing worrying news about a loved one’s condition, or feeling ignored by their carers, can inspire the use of words we wouldn’t usually muster during face-to-face contact. The knowledge that call recording equipment is being used is often enough to dissuade upset callers – or to pacify them should matters escalate. During worst-case scenarios, recorded calls can be used as evidence during a dispute, or to bring a case to a close.

Although call logging and call recording software may not be at the top of your list of priorities the implementation of such software is worth a second thought. Indeed, the impact of this technology can ensure better care for patients, and protection for staff. Call logging and call recording software has the ability to clarify communication, and to engage and reassure concerned friends and relatives. When sensitive issues are under discussion there can be no room for errors.

If you would like to learn more about call logging and call recording software and how it could relate to your healthcare business please do contact us or give us a call on 0333 0022 440 where one of our friendly team will be waiting to help….


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