Can you afford to go without call logging and recording software

Can you afford to go without call logging and recording software? Curbing disputes and improving productivity

It doesn’t matter how small or large your company, the chances are that disputes and not being able to improve productivity are equally capable of striking fear into your heart. After all, there are few businesses that can carry on undaunted in the face of failing efficiency, or questions regarding their competency – not to mention the potential for lost earnings caused by low morale or damaging feedback.

While there’s much to be done by way of planning and training to counteract these issues, one of the simplest things you can do straight away is invest in new call logging and recording technology. This simple, yet effective software could breathe new life into your workforce, and help you to tackle disputes before they have a chance to escalate.

Well, when you put it like that can you really afford not to look into call logging and recording software?

We can help you to face disputes head on!

Even the best businesses face criticism from time to time. However, ongoing disputes can be damaging to morale and reputation, and take up valuable time that you may otherwise spend focusing on your product and service. Call recording provides an immediate backup should a dispute arise. Was the call handled properly? Was the correct information noted down and given? Does the customer have a cause for complaint? Our software will ensure you always have quick and easy access to every call, so that any instances of ‘he said, she said’ can be resolved efficiently, and as painlessly as possible.

Not only will you be able to access what has been said and in what order, but recordings will also document where a call has come from, and to which operative. You will soon be able to identify whether any additional training needs to be given, as well as recognising repeatedly difficult customers. What’s more, your ability to record and listen to calls may well deter any fair-weather complainants, leaving you free to assist those with genuine concerns. Who wouldn’t be on board with fewer, and better-handled disputes?

We can breathe new life into workforces!

Our call logging and recording software works in numerous ways to improve productivity. For starters, we can help team leaders, supervisors and managers to identify those not pulling their weight, or alert them to any staff members who might be struggling. Your ability to listen to any call may well confirm a suspicion, or help you to jump in and assist anyone who needs additional support. Those recorded calls will become valuable training tools to help operatives to see where they might be excelling or falling short, and act as excellent guides for new team members, too. Meanwhile our logging software will tell you where calls are being made and taken, how long customers are being kept on hold, and how quickly sales or disputes are being resolved. Whenever an issue arises you’ll have a quick, clear and easy means to identify their cause.

Our call logging software can also be used to inspire team members and improve productivity across all departments. There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to bring out the best in people. Our leaderboard can be customised to display any information you require, including call times, sales leads and missed calls. Put up for all to see the leaderboard will make it easy for staff members to see how they’re doing, and how easy it is to improve their own performance. Diminishing productivity can occur when we become too complacent. Our call logging and recording software, then, acts as a friendly wakeup call to inspire everyone to strive further than they may have been doing.

There are countless other benefits attached to call logging and recording software, including continuous cost cutting, the ability to reduce the missed call menace, and opportunities for company growth. Stay a while on our blog and familiarise yourself with the things we could be doing to help your business to thrive.

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